Top 7 YouTube Alternatives To Watch – Step by Step Guide

Indeed YouTube is the most popular video streaming, watching and uploading site from the house of Google. But it has many disadvantages. The main problem of YouTube is that it collects your viewing information and always prompts with similar videos every next time you open up the site after watching something. However, over time, many YouTube alternatives have come up, and one can enjoy watching their choicest videos without compromising with privacy. They are not only at par with YouTube but some are even better customized, and the experience of video watching is no less compromising. Let us discuss the top seven YouTube alternatives so that you can enjoy your surfing sessions.

Top 7 YouTube Alternatives To Watch - Step by Step Guide

The top 7 alternatives of Youtube


If you want to watch short videos without any interruptions, then Metacafe is the site for you. One can get to read the video reviews, and contents uploaded by some of the best surfers in the world. If you are a game buff, then get the tips to solve the most difficult video games surfing the website. The interface for browsing is quite simple. One can use the menu bar options that highlight which video is trending, which ones are popular or what’s new on the site. If you want to know more about the videos available, the site has a drop-down menu on the left panel. It allows you to get a more extensive list and surf the site as per your choice of video category. It is a site with a filter option to restrict kids from watching some content not suitable for them. The video quality is superb. There is no duplicate video, and the videos are audience-driven.


With almost 15 years after induction, Dailymotion is giving a tough fight to YouTube. It is one of the greatest competitors of YouTube with a subscription base over millions that includes professionals and amateurs’. One can watch a vast number of videos. If you look at the home page, you will find that the videos are organized as per the category. The interface is easy to sue, and the home page highlights trending videos and hot topics. One can create an account view personalized videos, and the site automatically prompts the videos as per your choice and surfing the site becomes easy. However, the earnings of the site are from advertisements, and one gets to see a bit of them while watching any long video. Get to see some of the rarest videos that are not available on other sites. The sound and video quality are excellent, and it is sure to stay for a long time.


Watching online videos has become part of life for almost everybody. One such contender to be the best alternative of YouTube is Vimeo. If you want to watch high resolution-definition videos without any glitch, then this site should always be bookmarked for the same. It has many TV series in the library supporting 360-degree format. The interface is quite easy to handle and browsing on the website has never been so easy, unlike other alternatives. The videos are organized as per category and channels. The site is regularly updated and if you are not sure about what to watch, then follow the prompts on the site to get the best. It is one of the best advertisement-free websites to view live streaming videos. Your privacy is maintained after registration on the website, and no one in Vimeo can trace your viewership. Encoding and video quality are simply superb.


Crackle is an alternative of YouTube and is owned by Sony Pictures. You can see the original shows while it is streamed and as well as watch innumerable Hollywood videos surfing its library. Get to watch the rarest or rare movies that are not available on any other site except Crackle. Watch television series beamed by various networks without any glitch on Crackle. You can watch the videos on your computer or use the Crackle app to see them on your smart devices. The site can be accessed by PlayStation 3 and onwards apart from Amazon fire TV, Sony Blue-ray players, Xbox and Chromecast. Sharing the videos you watch is possible through social media networks, SMS or emails to friends and relatives. Buffering of the videos is no problem and the lead time is really less compared to other sites. The site is absolutely free to use, but one can come across some advertisements while watching favorite shows. One can even get the options of subtitles while watching videos of any language. The picture quality is sharp, and the overall experience is enjoyable.


If you are hearing the name for the first time, then surf the site and feel the difference with YouTube. IT has millions of videos to watch. Almost all the videos are professionally produced. Therefore, the picture quality, sound effects are mid bowing. Watch your favorite TV shows, clippings or hear the music of many different genres. The movie section of Veoh has many full-length videos and popular clippings of many movies. The video size can be adjusted not only for full screen or small size but can be customized according to your viewing preferences. Although it takes around 5 to 10 seconds to buffer the full movie, the site is almost free of advertisement, and even though if there are any they are at the beginning or at the end. The site is free to watch and can be viewed on a computer or any app-supportive device.

The Internet Archive:

If you are looking for varied content like movies, music, books, and software, then The Internet Archive is one of the best places to visit and surf. It has a vast collection of videos in its library, including matters of history. Uploading of videos is possible by the user on this site. It uses the H.264 video coding format to upload the videos without any obstacles. There are more than 330 billion web pages, 20 million texts and books, 4 million videos, nearly 4.5 million audio clips and many more under its banner. The site is absolutely free to use, and one can find many old documents and features in its library. It is not only a site to get amusement but also to increase knowledge and learn about many facets of the past. It is the biggest digital library and one of the best alternatives of YouTube for serious viewers.


If you want to watch the best live streaming programs, then Twitch has no better alternative. The site is run by Amazon and is gaining popularity day by day. If you are a gaming enthusiast, get all the gaming information and talk shows in this site. You can watch movies as well as live bands and music concerts performed by many world-famous artists. The site is absolutely free to watch and can be viewed on any device and platform. While you watch Twitch, you can follow your account after registering and subscribing. The site is quite reliable and maintains your privacy of surfing. The video quality and the sound are quite good and give a different experience as you play the game on the site. Te screen mode can be adjusted to avoid distractions so that you can fully concentrate on what you are watching or playing.


The above seven sites are the top alternatives of YouTube and are being watched by many. There is one more Alternatives of Youtube Called Petey Vid. They are becoming the frontrunners with various options apart from securing privacy. Enjoy the top alternatives of YouTube as mentioned above and feel a different viewing experience. These alternatives are gaining popularity day by day and giving a tough fight to YouTube. It is time to enjoy your favorite shows in any of these alternatives.

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