Why Ranking of Your New Blog Posts Get Changed With Time

Keyword up and down is not a new thing. But every webmasters have the confusion about the new blog post and that confusion is Ranking Fluctuation. Whenever you create a new blog post and publish on your website you will see that blog post in between 4-5 pages of google search engine. But as the time passes by this ranking normally it either decreases or completely to vanishes of or either goes up as well. Due to this there arises a question that if the quality of the page is not so good then how this blog could post come forward on the google search engines and then this ranking decreases of with the passage of time. Recently matt cutts has answered this question in this video. Watch this video initially then I will explain how you can retain your ranking after the Google Honeymoon Period.

Here’s Why Ranking of Your New Blog Posts Get Changed With Time

Let’s watch this video.

Now, Let me focus on the explanation of Matt Cutts

Few years ago, Google had rolled out Caffeine Indexing. This helped Google to faster index websites and recent blog posts to show in SERP (Search Engine Results page).

On the base of caffeine Google rolled out an algorithm tweak for showing latest updates on Google Search. This means whenever you publish a new blog post Google will be displayed that blog post on the top first either for several hours or for couple of days. Mainly because google considers as this post is most recent post. This is true because whenever you search for any recent events such as Earthquake, Sports Results, Weather results this makes a sense. As google always give an importance to the Quality.

But as the time passes by considering the other Ranking factors google either improve your ranking or decrease based on other relevant posts. So that google can show even more quality and relevant results to the user.

This is the reason that sometimes you get scrapped content instead of original content in google search results. Because whenever google index websites it initially filters out all spam websites to deliver High quality results to the users.

Don’t be worried even if you may lose your ranking for some time. You just need to focus on your quality work. Because if you have written a quality post you will be get you’re ranking for sure. Be patience. If your blog is already a high quality blog probably you won’t face this type of ranking drop situation for your blog. However for a new blog or middle level blog this type of ranking dance is normal.

Now here are the tips to maintain your Ranking on Google

Learn How to Maintain your Ranking on Google?

Here I am sharing certain tips which will help you to increase and improve your google ranking. As I mentioned above this is the general thing that your ranking could be dropped either it is dropping for several weeks, but you will get your original ranking position of your blog. Here I am discussing some tips which will be helpful for you.

Quality of Content

This is your very first and initial requirement.  If you write only for search engine then you will have to change the way of writing. Instead of writing for search engines you have to write for people. And you have to improve your SEO Score with Content writing this is very easy.

  • You have to place your main keyword in H1 Tag.
  • You have to place your sub keywords or related keywords in H2 Tag.
  • You have to maintain the keyword density.
  • You have to Add LSI Keywords.
  • You have to Make Bold your important content with keywords.

This way you can make your content scannable. It will help search engine to be identified your Strong Keywords as well as help your readers to scan your content easily. Visitors will easily identify your highlighted content.

Length of Article

This is the most popular factor to get good ranking in search engine. Make sure to keep an eye on the length of your article along with content. Because if the article is more than 1000 words ranks better in search engines.

If you want to make your content even more attractive include videos, images and other rich media stuff.

Make sure your website page load time is good enough. Because google penalize slow loading webpages and websites.

Use Google Authorship

If you are writing new articles take advantage of star ratings in SERP.

The best and smart idea to get better rank is to analyze Top 10 Results of the Topic. And try to make your content even better than those Top 10 Results. Maintain the niche of your blog. As the time passes you will be out ranked in your niche for the similar topics.

Social Media Share

Social Media Share and Social Bookmarking sites are the most powerful signals for Google Ranking. Here is the List of High PR Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites Make sure to include social share buttons in your each and every blog post. Make sure to share your older posts on a social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest. This is will help you to get more social shares as well as improve your social ranking of your blog.


If your content is king then link building is a queen. If you want to get better rank in search engine Link Building is also an important part. Here are the best tips to earn high quality backlinks for your website or blog. You should build backlinks of your available posts. However don’t try to use any spam method or un- natural way to build backlinks. The best idea is you need to make a blog on your niche based publish as a guest blog on a high quality niche website and get a link in the form of anchor text. Here you can find Related Topic Blog for Guest Posting. This is the natural way to get high quality links.

Create Content on Similar Content

The topic on which you are writing try to make more similar content on that topic. For example if I am writing Why Ranking of Your New Blog Posts Get Changed With Time

Then I should write related detailed post for example

Because users will search for the similar articles and also this will let search engine know that your domain is writing articles on similar topics. If you have a good budget I suggest you to try long tail keyword generator tools to find similar topics. You can use the tool HitTail. This is a very powerful tool and has helped me a lot to find out the topics on which I should write similar content?

Writing blogs on similar topics will ensure you get back your lost ranking even if the Google Dance. So if you are losing ranking on a new blog post. Instead of thinking about the ranking you should focus on natural high quality work.  Make sure to focus on above given points and keep in mind those points. Once google determines your actual ranking you will be getting an even better ranking in fact.

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