Whatsapp Status in English

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Best and Latest Whatsapp Status in English

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Attitude Whatsapp Status in English

He was ONLINE, She was ONLINE, So was their EGO.

Being ignored by someone is OK, But Still Texting them is a Sin.

Ohhh….Baby!! Go buy a brain.

Whatsapp Status in English for Friends

The most dangerous creature on this planet is a ‘Fake Friend’.

Girls who have a male best friend, are always the happiest.

Whatsapp Status in English for Love

In Love Just Saying I_Love Don’t Make You a Lover.

Love conquers all.

One of the reasons why I Love you is, Because You Make Me Smile For No Reason.

One Line Whatsapp Status in English

Greet your fears with a smile.

I want to Marry My Bed.

Don’t Act Like SMART, Be SMART.

Short Status for Whatsapp in English

Being POSH is better than Being RICH.

Without any work we can’t succeed any time.

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

Sad Whatsapp Status in English

I loved him like aalooo ka paratha, And He ignore me like Laukii ki sabji.

worst feeling when Someone seen your message, but didnt reply Too Worst Feeling.

Whatsapp Status in English for Bf & Gf

The Best part of my Life is, When i am spending my Time with You.

you” “are” “my” “cute” “little” “idiot”.

I am not a King But i know, how to Keep others Happy.

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I am Brave enough to accept my mistake and, I am Confident enough to overcome this through,
my hardwork and dedication.

I am the master of my failure, If I never fail how will I ever learn.

Negative emotions can harm and damage your immune system.

Until you change your thinking, you will always be recycling experience.