What are the Benefits of an SSL Certificate?

Website security is one of the biggest challenges in 2020. Hackers are continually finding new ways to disrupt businesses. They hack into business websites through various loopholes and leak sensitive information in the black market. The only thing that can stop this cyber exploitation and protect the website is an SSL certificate.

What are the Benefits of an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is a security protocol that protects the website by encrypting the data and transfer it over a secure network through symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. The HTTPS protocol protects a business’s sensitive information and establishes a secure connection between the client and server-side. SSL encrypts and decrypts data using a Public Key Infrastructure that contains two keys, namely, a Public key and a Private key. The public key gets shared with anybody who wishes to establish a connection with the website, while the private key remains secret. The actual data transfer happens only after SSL verifies all the CA’s (Certificate Authority) certificates. This process makes SSL an extremely secure protocol.

How Does SSL work?

  • To establish a secure connection, a server identification request is sent by the client to the webserver.
  • The server is then sending CA’s issued SSL protocol to the client.
  • The client receives the certificate, and in return, it sends an acknowledgement to the server.
  • The verification process gets initiated further, and the client shares the result with the server.
  • The server then sends a verification acknowledgement signature to the client and starts the process of encryption.

How do I know whether or not a website has an SSL installed?

The best way to spot whether a website has an SSL or not is by looking at the browser’s address bar.If you see a green padlock in front of the URL, you are on an SSL secure website. Moreover, you can also see whether a website has an HTTPS:// before the URL or not.

5 Benefits of an SSL Certificate

Added Ranking Advantage

SSL protocol is a mark of authenticity. It portrays that you are a credible entity, and search engines can trust you with their rankings. Search engines like Google, in their updated algorithms, prioritize websites that have SSL as opposed to those who don’t. No matter how well written your content is, if your website lacks the green padlock, you won’t get the added advantage of SSL in search rankings.

Guard you against Hacks and Attacks

Hackers cannot avail of an SSL certificate because of its strict protocol. To avail of it, you need to provide your identity, which hackers cannot afford to leak. Since they don’t have an SSL installed on their site, it shows a warning signal which restricts you from entering their malicious sites if you have an SSL installed on your website. Moreover, SSL won’t even allow hackers to access your websites. To establish a connection, SSL needs certificate verification from both the server and client sides.

Extended verification enhances trust.

Since trust is the most significant factor in the online spectrum, customers don’t just casually trust websites. SSL protocol helps your customers in gaining their trust by issuing an extended server certificate alongside its own. A server certificate gets comprised of DV (Domain Validation), OV (Organizational Validation) and, EV (Extended Validation). Although you are free to choose any one of these validations, then EV is for you if you are a business entity.EV determines the business’s existence and authenticity through legal documents. EV will satisfy both the customers and clients.

Enhances your visitor’s shopping experience

Customers are intelligent these days. They understand the worth of the green padlock ahead of your site’s URL. No customer would ever want to share his/her credit/debit card details with a site that does not have an HTTPS or green padlock ahead of their site.

Since bank and credit/debit card details are highly confidential, SSL needs to comply with PCI/DSS standards to ensure that all these details remain confidential. So, if you have an e-commerce website, SSL is a must. It will keep your customer’s data protected along with your website.

Unbreachable encryption

SSL encryption is not susceptible to breaches. Data encryption algorithms such as RSA and DSA provide a stronghold to the websites, keeping them safe from data breaches. All bank and card details get protected through robust technology as hackers go blindfolded during the encryption process. SSL’s asymmetric cryptographic feature ensures that the information gets passed between the intended parties only. If the connection gets broken down in between the session, the session key in symmetric cryptography expires the session and regenerate itself if a new relationship gets established. The process keeps the customers carefree about their data protection.

To Conclude

SSL Certificates are essential for the smooth functioning of websites around the globe. An authentic SSL Certificate protects from external threats and helps websites rank better. Search engines only accommodate credible websites in their rankings and are banning sites that do not comply with security standards. In this data-driven world, SSL protects websites against hacks and attacks by identifying threats and blocking them from entering your website. Features like additional server verification and PCI/DSS compliance also add a cherry on the cake of trust. The unbreachable encryption paves the way for a robust shopping experience for customers. Without SSL, it is nearly impossible to neutralize data thefts and cybercrimes. So, buy an SSL today if you haven’t already and protect your website.

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