Two Line Shayari Collection

Two Line Sad Shayari in Hindi: It truly is very clear with the name that when people turn out to be sad and therefore they use Two Line Sad Shayari for love for making a connection with their beloved. If your partner gets upset with you and your heart is broken because of your partner has gone or whatever you got break up with your lover and you wish to agree to her/him then you should pick Two Line Sad Shayari in Hindi. Unhappiness is a genuine part of life that’s often related to certain experiences of loss or discomfort. In life, there would usually be unhappy moments and happenings which are unavoidable. These sad moments could be about love, life or even death. The feeling of unhappiness could be common to people. Unhappy situations could take all of our energy, soul and joy and happiness our but we could always choose to channel positive effort and vibe from those sad experiences. We cannot stay unhappy by certain moments for a long time. Instead, we inspire you to stand back up on your feet and get the motivation from those experiences to rebuild yourself.

Sorrow is a genuine emotion simply because as people we have the capability to feel all sorts of feelings including sadness. We really feel unhappy whenever our special loved one have passed away, whenever we’re dissatisfied, whenever a close friend or family betrays us, whenever we listen to a sad song or watch a sad scene in a film, or whenever we not succeed or lose . Unhappiness is certainly a horrible experience nobody likes. Below are the most touching Two Line Sad Shayari in Hindi for boyfriend or girlfriend from people that have been in deep sorrow too. Just like joy and happiness, sadness also has its own numerous meanings which can be various for each and every person and different in what they feel. In everyday life we don’t always get joy and happiness in living life. If we explain happiness above, then unhappiness in the opposite direction is exactly below.

As humans really feel what is meant by unhappiness, our sadness could be felt at any time. Sorrow when we lose someone you love, whether our beloved go forever in this world or just for a moment. The feeling comes alternately in human life depending upon the mood which is being felt. To express unhappiness, many use song lyrics about sadness that are in sync with the condition of their hearts. Perhaps the following Two Line Sad Shayari in Hindi, are those that match up your mood.

Two Line Shayari in Hindi 

2 line Shayari - Two Liner Shayri - One Line Shayari in Hindi

Two Line Shayari on Zindagi

कुछ बातों के मतलब हैं, और कुछ मतलब की बातें, जब से फर्क समझा, जिंदगी आसान हो गई।

Sad 2 Line Shayari on Love

बहुत शराब,चढाता हुँ रोज, तब जाकर तुम, कहीं उतरती हो..

2 Line Shayari in English Fonts

Kuch to Hisaab kro Hum Se… Itni Wafaaen Udhaar Kon Deta hai.??

2 Liner Shayari in English Font for Love

Us waqt intezaar ka aalam na puchiye, Jab koi bar bar kahe, aa raha hoon mein.!

2 Line Shayari in Hindi Font for Girlfriend

पूछ लो बेशक परिन्दों की हसीं चेहकार से  तुम शफ़क़ की झील हो और शाम का मंज़र हूँ मैं।।

2 Line Shayari for Girlfriend/Boyfriend 

उनको ये िशकायत है िक हम उन्हे चाहते नहीं , सच तो ये है िक हम उनके िसवा िकसी अौर को जानते ही नहीं.

Best Two Line Shayari on Love

Usko Apni pasand banate banate, Humhi Us Ki Pasand Bann Gye.

2 Line Attitude Shayari on Love

Soch Kar Rakhna Humhari Saltanat Mein Qadam … Humhari ”Mohobaat” Ki Qaid Mein Zamanat Nahi Hoti

Two Line Shayari for Girlfriend 

Unhoney Rukhsar Pey Apney Labon k Nishaan Chor Diye, Humney Mangi Thi Muhabbat Ki Nishani Unsey.

Heart Touching Two Line Shayari

Ek Katraa he sahi Maula Lekin, Esi Niyyat de k Kisi ko Pyaasa Dekhu toh Paani ho Jau.

2 Line Attitude Shayari in Hindi Font

दफन सिर्फ छ: फीट के गड्ढे में कर दिया उसे, ज़मीन जिसके नाम.. कईं करोड़ो में थी. !!*!!

Two Liner Shayari on Love in English Font

Tujhme baat he kuch aise hai Dil na diya tumhe to jaan chali jaayegi.

2 Line Sad Shayari for Girlfriend or Boyfriend 

उसे लगता था कि उसकी चालाकियां हमें समझ नहीं आतीं हम बड़ी खामोशी से देखते थे उसे अपनी नजरों से गिरते हुए।

Emotional 2 Line Shayari on Maut

Meri Maut par bhi unki aankho me aansoo nahi, Unhe shak hai mujme jaan abhi baki hai.

Romantic Two Line Shayar for Love

सुनो!! दिल धड़कने लगता है ख़यालों से ही, ना जाने क्या हाल होगा मुलाक़ातों में.

2 Attitude Shayari for Love and Girlfriend

Wo khud ko samajte he janntehoor kon janta tha use meri mohbbat se pahLe.

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भूख तो एक रोटी से भी मिट जाती माँ, अगर थाली की वो एक रोटी तेरे हाथ की होती

kaampti awaz main kehti hai beta alvida. samne jab tak rahe hathon ko lehraati hai MAA.

Barsoo Baad Mila To Poochny Lage K Tum Kon Ho….! Bichadte Waqt Jis Ne Kaha Tha K Tum Bohat Yaad Aao Gay॥

Tu Ishq ki doosri Nishani de de Mujhko, Aansoo to roz gir ke sukh jate hain.

इंतजार तो बस उस दिन का है जिस दिन तुम्हारे नाम के पिछे हमारा नाम लगेगा.

Zara sa baat karne ka saleeqa seekh lo tum bhi Idhar tum lub hilate ho udar dil toot jata hai.