Top Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

It’s 2021, and Instagram is still the King when it comes to delivering the best video marketing features to help businesses reach great heights of success. The platform has grown over the years in all the best possible ways and is now considered a marketing powerhouse for brands and businesses.

Boasting an active monthly user base of over 1 billion individuals with 90% of the accounts interested in at least one business, Instagram serves as one of the best platforms for businesses, small and large, to market their products.

That said, Instagram marketing is completely different from the marketing practices on other social media platforms. This goes special for a platform like LinkedIn and Twitter that is not as image-heavy as Instagram.

Hence, it goes without saying that as a business, you cannot afford to leave out on this platform for your business marketing this 2021. Some tips that can help you with this endeavor are as follows:

Go for Top Quality Content

Always keep in mind that Instagram is more of a video platform. Hence, you must work on making your posts eye-catching and attractive. The videos you post on this network should not just be attractive but even sharp. And yes, you must pay special attention to composing them very well.

In the case of images, ensure the ones you are going for are exciting and beautiful. Most importantly, your content must narrate a story if you are really bent on engaging followers on the platform.

Text-based images and behind-the-scenes videos of your storefront, office, or products and services in use will work fine.

Pay Attention to Hashtags and Captions

Speaking of captions, make them eye-catching and interesting. Just like your visual content, the written content also holds equal importance when it comes to making your brand look professional. Hence, put in your best efforts in presenting those first few lines most creatively.

Coming to hashtags, they are one of the most amazing ways of reaching more followers and increasing brand awareness and engagement. Therefore, you must wisely use them. Carry out a bit of research to get hold of the most trending and relevant hashtags that go with the subject of your video.

Select niche-specific keywords without exaggerating the limit of 30 words you are allowed to go for. The recipe for Instagram marketing success is avoiding hashtags with more than 1 million posts.

Such hashtags are heavily saturated, and they do not have the potential to bring in engagement. They will do nothing more than attract spam bots to the posts.

Instagram Ads: How Can You Forget Them?

Instagram offers several free online marketing tools that businesses can use for gaging their customers and refining their target audience. There’s Instagram Insight to discover the performance of content and posts.

Further, you can target Instagram Ads based on interests, demographics, and location along with consumer behavior. Instagram Stories offers businesses the scope of not just connecting with their audiences but building strong relationships with them.

Different Instagram marketing tools offer businesses the scope of engaging with their followers one-on-one. Whatever you are posting on Instagram, make sure it stands out and is 100% authentic.

Use the First Three Seconds of Your Content Wisely

Just as is the case with posting videos on all the other platforms, the first few seconds of your visual post count, even on Instagram. First of all, your post should have a definite message, and it must deliver this message in the first three seconds of the visual.

Failing to do so might have the viewers losing attention and moving to some other video instantly. At the same time, businesses should make it a point to use CTAs or call to action in their posts.

They must also ensure that their stories have a consistent and elaborate brand identity. One of the most significant motives behind marketing a business on Instagram should be giving viewers authentic and valuable information in the most attractive manner.

Timing Your Posts Is Very Important

Your marketing strategy on Instagram will not work if you do not time your visual posts properly. Posting at the correct time ensures the fact that your business message will reach maximum output for the targeted posts.

Keep posting consistently, specifically during peak hours when maximum people remain online. As per research, Mondays and Thursdays are probably the best days to prepare and publish our posts. Also, the time target for your posts should be between 8-9 AM and 2 PM noon. Going by this time will definitely help your business garner some of the most amazing results.

Define Your Marketing Objectives Clearly

Not just Instagram but all the different social media platforms serve as great marketing tools. However, you will not be able to use these tools in the most effective manner until you know what you are actually going for or what you want to achieve.

Marketing on Instagram can be advantageous to marketers in several ways. However, marketing on the platform can mean different things to different marketers. What are you trying to get from your Instagram marketing? Getting an answer to this question will make your goal clear.

Are you looking to increase your brand awareness, create an online presence, sell products from the platform directly, establish your company as an industry leader, or get new leads? Businesses can even combine a few of these outcomes.

No matter what your objective or objectives are, the key is knowing that particular objective and working on achieving it. Of course, by using the best practices for Instagram marketing!

Final Words

Marketing on Instagram has huge potential. It can boost the growth of a business and can take it to new heights of success. Nevertheless, focusing on quality instead of quantity will always be a wise decision as a business. And yes, keep analytical tools handy to know the performance, the reach, and the success of your posts on Instagram.

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