Top 10 Money Earning Games in India 2022

Online games have become very popular these days. They have become the top entertainer for people who want to pass some time on the go or love playing games and even earn some money. Yes! Nowadays we have online games which help you earn money. This money earning games are available on special platforms only. Portals like GetMega, Paytm First, etc have games that involve monetary benefits. Let’s look at some of them where you can win real money:

Top 10 Money Earning Games in India 2022


Rummy is a very famous card game. It originated decades ago and was enjoyed by people from all classes. This game requires pure strategy and logic. Players need to arrange their cards in sets and declare rummy as soon as possible. Now this game is easily available on online gaming platforms too. People can enjoy playing rummy with their friends and family on video calls. You can also play this game with online players and win actual money.


Poker is another game that requires a lot of strategic thinking and it also depends on luck. Poker is played in various forms and the one who can understand this game completely knows the value of poker hands and other important principles. You can play this game online as well and is one of the most popular online card games. For example, platforms like PokerStars and PokerBaazi are a couple of know places for online poker.


Carrom despite its ancient origins has been adapted in the modern world too. Nowadays people don’t play carrom on the carrom board but their mobile screens. The age-old striker has been replaced by a digital striker on the screens. Now you can win money while playing that timeless game. Register yourself on online gaming platforms to know more.


The online pool is similar to the actual pool. Even here you have eight balls and one striker. Pocket the balls of your colour along with the black one to clear your score to zero. This is when you win the game. This online adaptation of billiards can fetch you money as well. This game gets exciting by the minute. Play with realistic graphics and swift controls. You will win real money which you can withdraw easily.


Ludo is loved by both elders and youngsters. Family time is best made when the entire family gets together to play ludo. Apps like Ludo king made ludo extremely popular when families and friends couldn’t meet because of lockdown. Now Ludo is a great way to pass time and win exciting prizes. You can play ludo online for free as well. Gather your friends. Enjoy this multiplayer game and earn money side by side.

Trivia games

There are various trivia games available online. Games related to general knowledge are widely enjoyed by everyone. There is a huge craze for trivia games. Various questions and interesting riddles keep your edge. These games can be enjoyed in a team or individually. Win money with every correct answer and collect amazing prizes. These games can also be played category wise where you can choose the trivia categories according to your convenience.

Battle games

Battles games are very famous amongst the youth. You can choose to play with friends and make a team with them or you can also choose to play with people you meet online. These days there are tournaments held for such games as well. Make your team win of have the maximum amount of kills and receive money as a prize.

Fruit slashing

If you ever enjoyed playing games like fruit ninja you will surely enjoy these games. How would you like it if you can win some money on the go?  These games are made to entertain you when you are extremely bored. Play it while waiting for someone or when you are travelling somewhere

Betting games

Many sports-based games include making your team where you can bet on those plates to win the virtual match. Betting sounds a bit fishy but trust us this is not. Here you can put some money and win more out of it if you manage to strategize it well.

Word games

Word games like hangman and scrabble are very prevalent at parties and get-togethers. You can now win money while enjoying such games with your loved ones.

All the above-mentioned games have monetary prizes and are completely secure. However, you must read the terms and conditions before registering with these apps to be on the safe side.

You can play all these games on GetMega. India’s one of the top online gaming apps. GetMega was developed by Maximizer Innovations. Currently, it has over ten thousand installs. Here you can find all the above mentioned amazing games and you can earn monetary benefits too.  You can play trivia games, like GK and Pic Me. This app is a complete entertainment package. You will be learning and winning simultaneously. It is smoothly compatible with android and has a glitch-free interface. All the games are categorised into action, sports, trivia, card games fantasy, etc.

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