Tips to qualify SSC CGL Exam with a good score

Every year the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts a Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Examination for recruiting candidates to numerous posts in various departments and organizations of the government. 

The SSC CGL examination is conducted in several tiers, and the candidates need to qualify every tier to get selected. While Tier I consists of the preliminary exam, Tier II consists of the main exams. Both these exams are conducted in online mode. Tier III is a descriptive paper that is conducted in offline mode. Tier IV consists of a Computer Proficiency Test or a Data Entry Skill Test.

According to the recent notification, the SSC CGL examinations will be held between the 

 2nd of March to the 11th of March, 2020. While every year a million students appear for an SSC CGL examination, only a handful of them gets selected. With a little time left for the preparation of the exam, you must now for an SSC CGL preparation plan. The following are of a few tips that can help you score well in an SSC CGL examination:

Practice is the key

Practice makes a man perfect. Proper practice is very essential in competitive exam preparation. Just reading the study material won’t help, you need to practice your SSC CGL study material on a regular basis. It will help in increasing your knowledge and will improve your pace and speed of solving the questions. Practising can help you know the exact level of your preparation and can help you analyze it in a better way. You will be able to understand the area you are strong in and the area that you need to work on. Practising on a regular basis will help you alter your study plans and is one of the best improvisation technique. The more quizzes and mock tests you practice, the stronger your preparation becomes.

Learn to manage your time

Time management is the most important part of preparing for your SSC CGL exam. You need to balance your time between preparation and rest as well. Sleep plays an equally important role in your preparation routine. You must give the required amount of time for every important topic. Similarly, when you practice more, you know what areas you are weak in and need to work more. Thus, you need to put more of your effort and time in those areas. A proper plan is very important if you want to utilize your time and efforts in an optimized way. For example, in an SSC CGL Tier I exam, you are given 60 minutes to complete 100 questions. Thus, a very efficient time management strategy is required to complete the paper. An important tip can be that you must try to solve every question in not more than 60 seconds. This will help you know your speed and manage your time well during the exam.

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Know what to study

Preparing for an examination requires that you completely understand what you need to study. Knowing the syllabus in detail will help you develop a suitable study plan. You will know which topics you need to work more on. More often do these competitive exams include changes from the previous year. The syllabus will help you understand those changes and score well in your SSC CGL examinations. After you know your syllabus well, you must choose an appropriate study material that will help you in your preparation. Studying from numerous books and materials can cause confusion and perplexion. You must clearly know what you want to study and the material.

Use short cuts, but not too much

Every year, almost millions of candidates apply for an SSC CGL examination, in order to clear the exam, you need to score well that too in the quickest possible way. In almost every level of the exam, you don’t get much time to complete the paper. Thus, you need to be really speedy in finding the right solution. For this, you can use some short cut tricks and methods that can save you time and easily find solutions. But in case a trick looks risky or you are not versed well with it, better avoid it. It can cause confusion, and your answers might be wrong. You must regularly practice the short cut tricks in order to excel in them. Also, remembering square roots, cube roots, squares, cubes, and tables can help.

Avoid guess works

SSC CGL examinations include negative marking on every wrong answer. Guessworks can lead to wrong answers. In case you are not sure of the correct answer to a question, move to the next question. This will save you time and remove the chances of negative marking.

This article consists of a few tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind if you want to clear your SSC CGL examinations with a good score. Along with this, you must start revising everything at least one week before the exam. Following these tips in mind can help you prepare an updated study plan that helps you score well.