Things Every Consumer Needs to Keep in Mind Before Using An E-gift Voucher

Due to the ongoing pandemic, online transactions have become more popular. This has also influenced people to participate in digital gifting as well. Electronic gift vouchers or cards, also known as e-gift vouchers, virtual gift cards, e-gift cards, etc., all mean the same thing. They refer to gift codes accessed through technology such as email, SMS text, social media, etc.

Earlier, not many people used to use digital gift cards, but now, as most of our work is being done online, more consumers are willing to try e-gift cards. Lately, people have been more interested in buying groceries, clothing, and other household items online as they have received cashback vouchers.

Things Every Consumer Needs to Keep in Mind Before Using An E-gift Voucher

What You Need to Know About E-gift Vouchers

If you’re a fresher and are thinking about engaging in digital gifting, you need to know a few things, like:

Digital Delivery– The only difference between a physical gift card and an e-gift voucher is virtually delivered. When you use a physical gift card, you use the card as a token of the cash value. E-gift cards use email or SMS, or any social media site as a token.

Good Alternative– If you don’t want to pay cash or use a credit card, e-gift vouchers can be a good substitute. You can directly send it to whomever you want immediately. They are a good choice for any occasion and are easy to use.

Online and Offline Option– Some e-gift cards might work only online. However, many of them can be used in stores. Before buying any gift card, make sure to check where it can be used. Sometimes, it is only redeemable online. In that case, consider an amount that will cover all the potential delivery charges as well.

Cashback-At times, digital vouchers offer some amount of cashback. These are called cashback vouchers. A part of the total amount that you’ve spent is returned to you. Most of the time, it is in the form of store credit or points that you can use the next time you purchase something from that particular store.

Easy to Replace– Physical gift cards are tough to replace once lost. But, in the case of e-gift vouchers, it is easy to keep track of them as they are ordered online. The person who purchases the gift card enters an email address, credit card number, physical address, and sometimes their contact information before completing the process. The recipient, who has to claim the code somehow, also has to provide their contact information.

Cons of E-gift Vouchers

Despite the benefits that come with e-gift cards, such as cashback vouchers, there are many drawbacks. Some of them are:

Refund Policy– It is almost impossible to get a refund on an e-gift card once redeemed. Make sure you buy the correct e-gift voucher and be certain of your choice.

Wrong Email Address– Electronic gift cards have been sent to the wrong email address so many times! When buying an e-gift voucher, it is crucial to recheck the email address as a single mistake can cost you a significant loss. Ensure you’re sending it to a valid, accessible email address.

Advanced Technology– Some people find it challenging to understand the technology behind electronic gift vouchers. The redemption process is a little inconsistent as some e-gift cards need you to print them out, or some cashback vouchers require you to use phone-based QR codes.


Electronic gift vouchers are in great demand as the world is becoming digital. You can always have your e-gift card with you on your mobile phone app like Fave. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing them.