The Entertaining Rohinton Baria Trophy

Cricket is something that is taken very seriously in India. Punters can visit to wager on the best tournaments of this sport which take place in that part of the world. This discipline not only is played at a provincial and franchise level, with competitions like the Ranji Trophy and the Indian Premier League. It is also possible to find some highly competitive squads and players at university level.

These kinds of players and teams participate in a highly entertaining competition called the Rohinton Baria Trophy. This tournament is also available at the 1xBet website, and has been held without interruptions since 1935.

The Entertaining Rohinton Baria Trophy

How this tournament came to be

The trophy that is currently given to the team that wins the competition was donated by Ardeshir Dadabhoy Baria in 1935. His son, Rohinton Baria, had recently passed away, and Dadabhoy wanted him to be remembered with a cricket tournament, which was the sport he loved the most. Punters can find cricket betting odds at 1xBet site, which are also the best when wagering on this competition and any other.

Since then, universities all across India have assembled highly competitive squads that go and participate in this tournament. Originally it was organized by the BCCI. However, in 1940, it was taken over by the IUSB, which is another entity that governs university sports in the country.

Since 1989, the tournament has been played in a 50-over format. This is similar to the form of the game that is played in One-Day Internationals. It is possible to find great cricket betting odds at the 1xBet site, which are also available for ODI contests.

Different participants

As said before, the tournament invites teams from universities all across India to take part in the competition. However, on some occasions, even teams from neighboring countries are invited, such as Sri Lanka or Pakistan. Punters can go to the bookmaker’s website and get the 1xBet latest version to wager on all those squads.

Some of the teams that have participated and have even won some editions of the championship include:

  • Bombay University;
  • Delhi University;
  • Ceylon University from Sri Lanka;
  • and the University of the Punjab.

Of course, many players have participated in this competition who later went on to become highly successful professional cricketers. The latest version of the 1xBet app can be used to wager on them, and some examples are Hemu Adhikari, Sadu Shinde and Khan Mohammad.

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