The Billionaire Guide on Internal Linking to improve Ranking

What is Internal Linking?

An internal link is one type of link from one web page to another web page of your website. Internal linking is an effective method of SEO to improve web blog ranking by giving a link from one blog post to another blog post in such manners that boost blog or websites value to the visitors and give them more related articles rank and rent business to read.

The Billionaire Guide on Internal Linking to improve Ranking

For Example – Here is an internal link for Benefits of outbound links. If you click on that link you will be redirected to another web page of my website. And this is an outbound link. If you click on this link you will be redirected to another website. It is also known as the External link.

Why Internal Linking is an important Factor in SEO?

It is widely recognized that major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing mainly focus on Backlinks and their anchor text targeted while deciding the keywords ranking. But Search Engine also counts the internal linking factor while improving the website ranking. The internal link gives lots of power and importance regarding individually webpage ranking.

Have you ever observed that while ranking for extremely difficult keywords it takes more time and even most of Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad or Blogger can’t achieve top ranking? You need to perform something different and unique methods so for that you should not only build inbound links. But also you need to perform internal linking and its structure to achieve good ranking on the search engine.

Here are some Benefits of giving internal linking.


Internal links give readability for readers and search engines. It helps your website readers to easily go through your website in finding a related post that they wish to learn in detail.

Pass the link power to other pages:

Internal Linking also pass link juice to other linking page of your website. So by giving an internal link to your other pages or blog post will improve ranking and boost Alexa rank. If one of your pages is ranking and that has higher authority you can simply put a link to any related blog post that has a low ranking. So that low page ranking will improve better.

Improve Adsense Earning:

If you have Google Adsense in your account then internal links are the best way to improve your Adsense Earning. Every blogger’s main goal is that every user that visits on his website, they must check at least 3 to 5 post before leaving the website. Therefore you need to provide other articles link within the article and try to place lots of internal links in the article. Make sure you provide an appropriate related topic internal link with the present post, it will surely help you very much when you show related advertising also on the website related to your topic.

Improve Reputation:

Visitors will not get bored and leave your website if you provide an internal link with a good structure. A great site is that which gives information in detail.  With all the pages and blog posts connected correctly along with an in-depth sitemap, visitors prefer to come back to a website increasingly.

Decrease Your Bounce Rate Percentage:

Internal links are also beneficial to reducing your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percentage of traffic that looks at one page and then leave your Site. Giving proper internal links will receive Site traffic engaged and discovering your articles in depth. when any visitor reads an article on your site and finds a link that refers to an equivalent article or a post that takes the topic more you can hope them to stay extended on your website. This may consequently reduce your site’s bounce rates.

The Right Way to do internal link building Structure and Strategy

Apply Internal Links Smartly:

Share PageRank to other inner pages. Your home web page has the majority of external links indicating it, so therefor by giving a link from home page to inner other pages will achieve second-highest authority and Ranking.

Select Appropriate Keywords:

The keyword you use for pointing links from one page to another page will improve that page keyword. So don’t Use “Click Here” or some other meaningless terms. Give your keywords in an internal link to improve that keyword ranking.

Target suitable and relevant keyword Anchor text:

Choosing the right anchor texts will help to make your internal links look decent in the vision of Search engines. It may additionally help the visitors to understand what the link reveals for them if they open it.

You should check the keyword terms that you are focusing on are applied as your anchor text. By doing this whenever the Search Engine Scan your website it will recognize exactly what the content talks about so that helps to improve that specific web page ranking.

Remember: all internal links should be appropriate and it should point to a related post, so the user will get more information regarding what they are searching. Use appropriate anchor text and try to apply the long-tail keywords anchor text.

Give Related and Useful Detail to Viewers and Search Engines Bots:

With internal linking, you inform the visitors that there is additional posts/information on the website which are relevant to the article they are browsing or has few further details. It also shows the bots a similar thing and improves the reputation of the website.

internal linking structure optimization

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Example of Internal Link Structure in SEO

Link Structure should be appropriate.

A link should point to related pages or post. If you have various topics in your blog then you should not link your articles to an irrelevant post.

For Example, You should not link to “Digital Marketing Agency in Surat” from an “Entertainment Website or post” It will count as a spam technique.

Apply Do follow internal links in your all post:

You know that Do Follow links help to improve ranking, and by giving Nofollow it will not provide any benefits in ranking to your internal pages. So I suggest you give Do-Follow internal link so that it helps to improve your other pages ranking. I mentioned in my outbound link post that where you can give Nofollow link. Giving link juice to your own website is always an advantageous technique so give Dofollow to all your internal links.

Don’t Add Too Much and Irrelevant Internal Links:

Now the point is how many anchor text links per page are allowed? Don’t just add too many links in your post. Do not add your blogs with lots of internal links. Matt Cutts said you should not use more than 100 links in one post. You might be thinking 100 links is too much but if you have a well written with a good structure article then it is not too much.

Through only doing internal link building with white hat techniques it is also possible to restore any page or post ranking or keywords that are reducing its position.

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