The Best Digital Marketing Tools In The Game That You Should Know About

In this competitive world, one can wonder how to grow their businesses effectively. While there are many ways to do it, the use of digital marketing tools are your best bet to help you grow your business. These tools also help marketing managers build their resumes and help them if they want to know how to become a product manager.

There are many digital marketing tools that can be used for the growth of a business, here are a few of them


Ahrefs is a robust SEO resource for helping you punch up traffic on your blog. They have data of around 150 million keywords in the United States, and even more for another 150 countries. Ahrefs is useful for competitive analysis and you can test who’s connecting to your rivals, what their top pages are and more. You can see where the content ranks and find key gaps in your business areas using the Business Gap tool. Also, they have a feature which lets you see which websites get more traffic and you can also see the amount of traffic your competitors generate


It is one of the most unique and preferred ways of communicating within an organization. It operates in channels allocated for certain details, so business discussions are not interrupted by tangents about where everyone wants to go for team lunch. It encourages, de-siloses and focuses collaboration among staff and teams.

It is an amazing tool for meeting people in the digital marketing world and networking. You can handle an almost infinite number of integrations on Slack.


Trello is a digital marketing tool that helps in content management. Trello is alluring because it is free for small teams and companies, and offers a visual way to plan and schedule content online, even if the team is remote or global. Moreover, assigning several workers to a card is simple and you know who is responsible for publishing, editing, or attaching CTA offers to a article.

Users may build cards and provide notes on the subject of the card as well as set deadlines and allocate topics to other teams. Trello promotes cooperation and provides guidance on other projects.

Google AdWords

One of the most preferred choices on the Google Search Engine Results pages for advertising your company. The payment is either based on a pay-per-click or a pay-per-call system. It is the host to the Google Keyword Planner through which you can search for keywords to include in ads or other content. The budget can be preset. AdWords is an ideal way to advertise your goods or services with very unique queries on Google’s results pages.

Google Analytics

One of the most widely used digital marketing tools and it is used so much that it’s hard to work as a digital marketer nowadays if you don’t have any sort of experience in Google Analytics. It has become a vital part of online businesses.

Google Analytics will show who’s coming to your website, from where and on which pages do they tend to spend most of their time. You can also set targets for monitoring sales, creating an optimized e-commerce system and monitoring events to learn more about user interaction.


MailChimp is a social media and email marketing platform designed to orchestrate and automate campaigns. It allows you to monitor the traffic from your campaigns, MailChimp also provides several integrations with other SaaS companies. The tool is especially effective for campaigns to drip emails. Basically, this is a perfect choice for the audience to get involved.


Asana is a collaborative, visually focused workflow management program designed to simplify and de-silo knowledge and priorities between teams.

With Asana, you can do the following

  • It allows you to assign tasks to desired teams
  • Helps in identifying the points of friction
  • Helps in visualizing and recording the projects
  • Helps in mapping out the deadlines and prioritizing them
  • De-silo data amongst teams

The Portfolios feature also helps you to keep track of the progress of each project, ensuring the team members are given the support and encouragement to get their digital marketing projects out, in time.


It is one of the most unique digital marketing tool out there in the industry because BuzzSumo’s unique content analysis platform recognizes and lets you interact with top influencers in your industry. It lets you search for trend topics and identify the reach of your quest to produce both content that is lasting or trending content that targets your specific audience.

Image result for Hootsuite


Hootsuite is more of a solution for corporate social media management, but it is very effective and rather successful. Hootsuite will store your accepted content in a cloud, enabling team members to access it 24/7 for social media posting requirements. With defined tags and keywords it allows multiple posts to be scheduled at once. You can also monitor the success of your content on social media using the Hootsuite. Hootsuite can measure ROI, conversions, and follow up on public discussions about your brand or particular subject.

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