Study Status in Hindi & English

जिस छात्र को किसी विषय में सबसे ज्यादा ज्ञान प्राप्त करना है,  तो उसे सबको पहले ज्ञान देना भी होंगा.

My school cares more about the uniform than about my education.

The goal of the teacher is to replace a closed mind with an open mind.

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write one exam. Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees. Say no to exams.

Yes = Exam is over, Shit = Result comes.

Group Project: one person does all the work. Everyone takes credit.

Never be a busy signal on the prayer line.

Law of student-ology: Book continues to be in the state of rest or covered with dust and soil unless exams appear.

The more study you did for the particular exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want.

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.

Exams make us tired nervous and sick; I am looking forward to a day without, exams I am sure that it will be a day in heaven because life is full of exams.

When everything comes your way. Then you are on the wrong way.

The more studying you did for the exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want.

Padhna-likhna tyag de mitra, nakal se rakh aas. Odh rajai so ja beta, rab krega pass.

Failure is not an option; it comes bundled with windows.

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