Steven A. Cohen Quotes

This was a woman he had every right to make an inquiry of.

We have looked at time-temperature indicators … doneness indicators and things like that.

It is our obligation to see that the meat is safe — period — regardless of where it’s destined.

The way I understand the rules on trading on inside information, it’s very vague.

It’s hard to find ideas that aren’t picked over and harder to get real returns and differentiate yourself. We are entering a new environment. The days of big returns are gone.

There’s something to be said for giving and helping to change people’s lives.

We’re lucky our ancestors came here. It makes you realize the sacrifices they experienced.

I’m not reclusive. I’m out and about.

It is very, very unlikely that this product would cause illness. We are still investigating how much may still be available and if any retailers received it.

Tape reading is a lost art that today is not very useful.

A lot of tenants here put their last pennies into building their stores, … A lot of them have gone out of business. We have no answers. It’s a real shame.

We don’t have little Miss Innocent who was sprayed for no reason at all.

As the tall dark and handsome male star, Carey Grant always stands for male beauty and desirability, whether in a 30s screwball, a 40s film noir, or a 50s romantic comedy. He consequently turns around the orthodox gender between the one who looks and so desires, and the one who is looked at, and so is being desired.

I always tell my traders that they would’ve loved the 1990s because it was a fairly easy time to make money.