Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

Broken Link Building Guide for Beginners: When it comes to search engine optimization, SEO experts and Webmasters usually fail to achieve High Ranking on Search Engine.  At Present, Google’s become creating life ever more challenging for us. Lots of link building techniques that we’ve needed in our strategy for years turn worthless (and even unsafe) in recent SEO. So that you need to Build your link with High Quality, healthy and powerful strategy to build links after Penguin.

Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

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What is Broken Link Building Technique?

Broken link building technique is a method to finding resource websites in your field topic and searching for any broken links on those web pages, discussing with the webmaster who owns the site and tell them about the broken link and then provide a replacement, it’s mean replacing your website link to 404 error link.If you notice a broken link, contact the website owner and inform about the issue. No one likes 404 error pages, as well it is count as an SEO trouble to link to pages that cannot found.

In the email methodology, suggest the website owner to exchange the broken link with your site. Because you have implemented a favor and informed them regarding this issue, it’s more likely that they will link to your site you. Your site must offer useful information in an exact topic as the damaged link.

Many Blogger and Web Owner writes blog on other people website and put the Link on their page or website in anchor text, but many of blogger’s domains get expired or page might get deleted so in this situation “404 Page Not Found Error” occurs on that webmaster who is pointing link to the bloggers. so you only need find broken link and replace it with your own relevant Link.

Some of the Advantages of Broken Link Building Method:

  • It gives back instantly and you are basically performing a helpful task for the webmasters. By advising alternative sources. So this will help to website owner to avoid SEO Mistake and helping to maintain website traffic. Because we all know that broken link (404 Error Link) will give bad impact in the term of ranking and traffic.
  • Broken Link Building Technique is one of the Pure Spam Free strategy, 100 % worthy that will help you to achieve Fastest Ranking on Search Engine.
  • Once you provide a beneficial alternate resource to a broken link, the webmasters might get more mindful about links on their website and prefer you when such type of problem occurs again in future and think of you to provide link again in your related useful source.

Strategy to Create Links with the Broken Links Building Technique

Are you using weak on concepts about how to build up your link building technique? In this post, I am going to make it easier to build backlinks to your site via broken link building method. This technique has performed perfectly for me in several topics, and I am confident it could work nicely for you too. It is 100% white hat and protected for site to utilize.

Now the doubts that possibly come to your mind are:

  • Should I need to search for broken links manually?
  • How to Find Broken Link Building on someone Website?
  • How to notice websites that contain broken links?
  • How to get in touch with the website owner?
  • Which Email Template Should I Send to Web owner for Broken Link Building?
  • How to Find broken links on website or page?

Here is the Plugin that helps to find Broken Links on a Webpage install. Google Chrome User Download it from Here: Check My Links

Mozilla Firefox Users install It from Here: Broken Link Checker.

Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

  • Red Color link = Dead Link
  • Green Color Link = Outbound Link But it is Working.
  • Black Color LInk =  Inbound Link.

This Dead Link Checker Extension will scan all the links on the webpage and highlight the broken links with red color. Rather than needing to look at all the links manually, this can help you automate the method.

If you are on the web page where you want to check the links, click on the extension icon on the right side of your browser.

There is an another website that helps to find broken link in easy and simple method. Website name is Deadlinkchecker Check it.

Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

You can add your desire related field website and click on check it button. usually it takes some times to scan it because it’s scan whole website Broken Links but if you desire to see any single page then change the option. but I recommend you to scan whole website wait for some times while scanning it also ask captcha process. Wait until it’s finish to 100%.

Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

There are 3 Heading in the above images

Status:  it is indicating what types of error occurs in broken link. you only need to open 404 Not Found Link.

URL: it is showing all those sites where URL  is pointing from site owner.

Source Link Text: it indicates which anchor text links are broken. so you just need to click on the right side Link/Text that has 404 not found error. .

Now the question is how to find Related Niches Websites for Broken Link Building?

You are thinking that how can I find my field topic website or blog? Here is a blog that help you to find related niches blogs. So you can easily find broken link by following my given steps.

Try to find plenty of sites or blog as possible, and create an excel sheet and save that post URL that contain broken link. Through this method it will make it faster to send mail to website owners.

Excel Sheet Example:

Step by Step Guide on Broken Link Building for Beginners

Make an excel sheet live above images.. i suggest you to collect all the broken link post with broken anchor text and save it in excel. once your collect all the web owner site.. start send template one by one to all with using respective email template.

Remember this Point:

While Sending Email to Website Owner for Broken Link Proposal don’t forget to use their name in the starting portion of email. if you just copy and paste email then it might goes to junk folder or other Section.. so to make a good impression First try to know the website owner name and then start sending email with an attractive email template.

 How to tell or Inform website owner for Broken Link Building.

Now that you have made an excel sheet or a list with the sites or blog that contain broken links, you will need to speak to the website owners. Your main aim is to convince them to change the broken links with your URL. Use these guidelines:

  1. show yourself as a company owner that works in the company. Tell them that the site they link to it’s no more existing and introduce your site as an alternate source. If you are seeking to get in touch with big website of blogs, make sure you show the advantages of putting your site.
  2. Concentrate your focus on benefiting the website owner, rather than focusing on your SEO targets. Make them figure out why they need to deal with those links.
  3. You can also behave like a follower of their website that has discovered this issue. Offer some solutions, and include your site.
  4. Try to look for the name of the website owner, and modify your mail in a great style template. Don’t create your email seem like a spam structure.

Here is the Email Template for Broken Link Building Proposal that i use.

“Hello Mark,

I am a big fan of your site, I daily visit your site to reading informative posts and I must say your all post are very informative and easy to understand. I was reading your blog posts and noticed that some recommended links are broken and showing “404 error not found”. And we all know that broken links are count as a bad factor, no one likes Broken Link in their website.

So will be a Perfect fit and it is also a relevant topic site. Hope my message conveys a positive impact and helps us improvise our Networks. Please Feel Free to contact me back.

Thank you

Aamir Saleh

According to My experience, 40% of the website owners will reply and about 20% will add your link. And it also depends on topic so the expectation of the reply can be higher or lower.

Remember this point:  your first message should be only about to inform, not to showing the exact location of broken link building. if you are informing everything in a first message (such as broken link location) they might remove that link or replace it with their friends’ link without informing you. Not everyone but some of webmaster follow this.

Best of luck and feel free to comment if you are facing any issue while building broken link.

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