Sorry Status in English

I am so sorry ever since. I have hurt you. I have been feeling really miserable. Let’s be friends again. Please!

I’m sorry if I hurt you… I’m sorry that won’t be again. But, I want you to know this… I love you… I really really do!

My mistake I’m sorry :*(

I just wanted to say I’m really sorry and I miss you a lot.

The power of forgiveness is big for both the person who is forgiving and the person being forgiven.

I’m so sorry but I love you forever!

I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt my little girl

Sorry about last night texts. My phone was drunk.

And I felt sorry, and I have felt bad about what happened.

I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Sorry may have become ‘Just another word’, But with tears it means the world.

I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, I hurt people. But when I say sorry I mean it.

I am Sorry for the pain I caused you I feel so bad.

I’m sorry I slapped you. It’s just you seemed like you weren’t going to stop talking and I pinched.

I’m Sorry: Apology doesn’t mean that you were wrong, or the other person was right. It means that your relationship is valuable than your ego.

Sometimes sayings sorry is the most difficult thing on earth but its the cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called relationship.

I am so sorry. I wish you knew even one tenth of one percent of how sorry I am. It was my fault. Can I kill myself here, or should I do it outside, so the mess on your carpet doesn’t upset your mother?

I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect.

I’m sorry I got angry and said a lot of things I meant but shouldn’t have said.

I really hate sayings sorry. But when I do, I honestly do mean it.

I am sorry and apologize. Basically mean the something.. Except if your at if your at a funeral.

Sorry for hurting you. What I did was foolish and impulsive. If I could take it all back I’d do so this instant. I truly did not mean to hurt you in anyway. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry!

Why do I always forgive you? I let you call me so many names, I let you treat me like dirt, yet I’m still your friend. Am I stupid? or am I a good friend?

Sometimes we fight, we cry and we do not talk to each other. But at the end we are still loving each other.

I’m sorry I went into survival mode when you tickled me.