Shopify Launches Different Blockchain Commercial Tools For Merchants

If you are an enthusiast of the Crypto space, you may be well aware of all the recent changes taking place here. The Crypto industry is gaining a huge amount of popularity in the present times. Even NFTs are getting a huge amount of attention for their unique features.

Investors and creators are diving more into this digital space with time. Different brands also include these auto profit  in their platforms.

A recent example of such a brand is Shopify. This platform is releasing varieties of commercial tools useful for merchants in the Blockchain space! Make sure to read this blog to find out more about this aspect!

Shopify Launches Different Blockchain Commercial Tools For Merchants

What Will These Tools Offer?

All the NFT merchants at Shopify can use tokengating tools on this platform. With these tools, the decision can be taken about accessing the services. It will help in reflecting on the token holders that can or cannot have access to unique services, benefits, and NFT falls.

This commerce giant, Shopify, has recently announced the release of a wide range of tools for merchants. This will help in improving the user experience on this platform. Also, the merchants hosting Web-3-related shops will find it encouraging now.

Announcement Through Twitter

The giant announced the news of the release through their designer’s Twitter handle. The Blockchain team designer of this platform, @ryancreatescopy, shares about this.

The tweet says that the team has released songs new tools that will help build tokengating applications. This feature and tools will be helpful for the merchants present on Shopify.

The merchants will be able to connect with all their followers and fans through these tools. Also, to increase their sales, all these tools will be quite helpful. All the tokenholders will receive exclusive benefits and merchandise.

Are These Tools Available To All?

Shopify has released the expanded Cryptocurrency wallet that connects the features. While the tokengating API tools are the latest highlights.

But, these were available in the early access beta access mode even a few days back. This has been in this mode since June last year! And earlier, it was available for around a few merchants on Shopify.

At present, tokengating will enable all the merchants on the platform to set up their stores. It will show which tokenholders will be able to have access to some exquisite benefits, NFT drops, and merchandise!

Also, the tools will verify whether the users are eligible to have the benefits through their linked wallet. And, it lets the merchants select particular users for rewards in a reliable manner!

Also, if you are a merchant at Shopify, with these tools, you can add exclusive benefits to certain products.

More About Expanded Wallet

For the expanded Cryptocurrency wallet support, this platform has opted for sign-in with Ethereum or SIWE. The ENS or Ethereum Name Service leads this protocol along with the Ethereum Foundation. This system maintains secure sign-ins and authentication at the same time.

But, during this authentication process, it does not lead to the leakage of private credentials of the users to any third-party agents! This information may include phone numbers, names, addresses, and others.

Though the issue of such leakage of private information has already occurred in the past on this platform. In April last year, the platform had to go through a case filed against it.

Certain dissatisfied users filed a lawsuit against the platform for leaking private data in large amounts in 2020. But with the integration with the Ethereum network, this platform will become more secure now.


With the partnership with SIWE, as the merchant uses this feature on the wallet connect of Shopify, they will find a sign-in with Ethereum option!

With this option, you can now connect your address with the help of SIWE’s partners. These are Coinbase, WalletConnect, Portis, and others.

These new features will be of great help to all the merchants on Shopify. For users who have Web-3-related stores, these tools will be of much help! Also, with SIWE’s partnership, your private data will be more secure.

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