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Ronald Perelman Quotes on Business

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I have always loved business…

You can be a control freak only when you have weak people around you.

They had three businesses. One was like 15 stores and malls called Hatfield’s [with] a wholesale business and lease departments at primarily Wal-Mart. I didn’t want to be in the jewellery business. So the first thing I did was sell the mall retail stores to People’s Drug in Toronto, Canada. So I sold that, and the day it was announced in the Wall Street Journal I got a call from Sam Walton. And he said, ‘This is Mr. Sam, I understand you just bought my lease departments.’ I said, ‘Yes, sir, I did.’ He said, ‘I’d like to meet you.’ So I said, ‘Sure, when would be convenient?’ So he says, ‘How about tomorrow morning?’ So I flew out to Arkansas, and we had breakfast at his Holiday Inn. And we got along very, very well. And I met him probably a dozen other times while we owned the stores. They were a profitable sector. And he said to me one day at a meeting, ‘I know you want to get out of this business one day. When you’re ready, call me up.’ So a few months later I called him up, and it just worked beautifully. That investment created my relationship with Wal-Mart. And from that we have been very, very close. Today they’re 40% of our business. Department stores are zero. And they’ve just been the greatest partner in the world. They have made, single-handedly, America more efficient.

I just was fascinated by the dynamics of business.

Famous Quotes by Ronald Perelman

You can only be a control freak when you have weak people around you.

Happiness is a positive cash flow.

Any time there’s a lot of pressure, it’s life and death, you go toward this very dark kind of humour. Soldiers do it. Cops do it.

Everything today is speed, and there is always somebody else working on something better.

Ronald Perelman Best Quotes

If someone comes into your house and does fked-up things to your kids and your wife, you’re going to be capable of things you never imagined. Because it’s in there. It might be lying dormant, but it’s there.

I was the night foreman of a galvanizing factory, which is hot and smelly and dirty and miserable.

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