Reach Sprint’s customer service faster with DoNotPay

Did you know that getting in touch with Sprint’s customer service doesn’t have to be so painfully irritating? DoNotPay, an AI lawyer, can help you reach a live employee fast and easily. The days of waiting forever are gone. 

Inefficient customer service is one of the greatest consumers’ problems. Over a quarter of Americans state that it is their number one source of frustration. Sending emails or complaining over social media platforms rarely yield any results. Most companies take at least a week to reply to their customers’ complaints. Speaking with a company’s rep over the phone increases the likelihood of your problem getting solved but it comes with some other issues. 

Reaching customer service of a major company like Sprint over the phone is a horrible experience. It may be the most effective but it is also the most time-consuming method. Once you go through the phone tree, you will waste plenty of time waiting. In fact, an average American spends almost six weeks of their life waiting for a company rep to pick up! In Sprint’s case, waiting for over an hour is possible but not common. Still, you can expect to wait for at least five to ten minutes to get a free agent on the phone. 

What makes matters worse is that there is no guarantee that your problem will be solved. Right Now research has shown that as many as 84% of consumers were less than satisfied after their last conversation with customer service. 

Another common issue with Sprint’s customer service is calling the wrong hotline. Since Sprint offers a variety of services, there are several customer service departments, each in charge of a different type of problem. It’s easy to make a mistake and call the wrong department. In such cases, you will be transferred multiple times and wait on hold all over again until you finally reach an employee who’s responsible for your issue.

There are plenty of reasons to call Sprint’s customer service. Incorrect billing is one of the major ones. A lot of customers complained about being billed for services that they had already paid. Other common problems are device repairs, international troubleshooting, and network difficulties, such as weak mobile signal in certain locations. Many customers complain about weak or non-existent Internet signal or downsides of the plan they signed up to. 

DoNotPay offers you a way out of all these issues. With only a few simple steps, the app will reach a live company rep for you. Once you enter the app, all you need to do is click the customer support option and name Sprint as the company you want to call. That’s it—no looking up customer service numbers, no waiting on hold. The app uses a database with priority customer service numbers and will use it to find the best employee for your problem. In the meantime, you can go on with your day. When we reach an employee, the app will let you know it’s time to pick up. 

DoNotPay also protects your rights in case your problem isn’t solved. The app records all conversations with Sprint’s customer service. You can use them to throw shade on the company on social media or as proof of the company’s ineffectiveness in case your complaint turns into a legal dispute. 

DoNotPay’s founder and CEO, Joshua Browder, stated: “These big companies [and governments] are getting away with a lot. Customers need someone to step up and protect their rights. This is why I created DoNotPay, to serve as a body camera for customer service calls. Before they make a decision that rips off the customer, they’ll think ‘this could be made public and go viral and hurt our business.’”

Find out more about DoNotPay and how it can help you reach Sprint’s customer service faster. 

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