Quit Sugar and See These Positive 5 Changes In Your Body

Quit Sugar and See These Positive 5 Changes In Your Body Are you addicted to Sugar? Here is what will happen to your body if you quit Sugar. Find out here. Ever since childhood, we have always been taught to stay away from alcohol, cigarette & drugs. It is an addiction that can terribly harm your body. But have we been told about how Sugar can be addictive and harmful to your body too?

It is time to think about this more so now than ever because of increasing diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.

Quit Sugar and See These Positive 5 Changes In Your Body

Are all Sugars Bad?

First of all, let us understand that all sugars are not harmful. If to reap the benefits, we don’t necessarily need to stop all kinds of sugars. We have to eliminate the harmful sugars from our diet.

According to health experts, there are two kinds of sugars – Natural sugars, which are found in fruits, honey, unsweetened milk, unrefined jaggery, etc. This is loaded with vitamins & minerals is healthy for your body, unless you have some health condition like diabetes.

And then there are refined sugars, which are processed from sugarcane juice. These are chemically processed and have zero nutritional benefits. These are more popular these days and found in fizzy drinks, canned juices, chocolates, biscuits, etc.

So, refined sugars are the terrible sugars, and this needs to be eliminated from your diet for the betterment of your overall health.

Is Sugar really addictive?

Yes, definitely addictive. Let me explain. Have you ever felt the sudden rush to eat sugary items? Do you crave chocolates at odd hours? Or do you have a sweet tooth? All these are signs of sugar addiction.

According to various research, humans can become excessively dependant on sugars showing different kinds of addiction symptoms like cravings, withdrawals, and binging. Many experts believe that excessive sugar consumption increases the level of dopamine precisely the same way as drugs do. Dopamine is a happy hormone that is released by the body when you feel good or satisfied with something. And then you want the same pleasure.. again, and again, and again.

5 Benefits That Are Linked Directly With Quitting Sugars

Therefore, quitting sugars or restricting their usage is easier said than done. But once you have made up your mind, there are a string of benefits that comes along. Please find out the Top 5 Health benefits you are likely to experience when you quit sugars or reduce their intake.

Long life

Research has proved that cutting down on sugars are quitting it completely reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Your blood pressure remains in check. Moreover, high consumption of Sugar is linked with the risk of diabetes. Therefore, by reducing the intake of refined sugars, we can only find it easier to say away from life-threatening heart diseases & diabetes.

Happier Life

Studies have linked excessive usage of sugars to the increased levels of depression in humans. A study found that certain women who consumed more Sugar were more likely to be depressed than those who consumed little or no sugars. No wonder you always try to indulge in chocolates & ice-creams when you are depressed!

Quicker Weight Loss

How often have we heard nutrition experts say that the first thing in a weight loss diet plan is to reduce sugar intake? High-sugar diets contribute to prolonged elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance — both of which are linked to weight gain and excess body fat. Plus, Sugar is high in calories, so consuming more of it would mean consuming more calories, which causes weight gain.  You could probably also head over to TopPaanch where you will find some effective and practical weight loss and health tips in Hindi.

Immunity Improves

It has been proven with certain studies that the efficiency of white blood cells reduces by half with more consumption of Sugar.  Therefore, be rest assured that only by lowering your sugar intake you can improve your immune system and say bye-bye to the common cold, flu, acne, etc

Better Sleep

High calories in sugars mean a higher percentage of energy, resulting in lighter & disturbed sleep. Some sugary foods also have caffeine, which causes hindrance in the sleeping regime.


If you are looking for a healthier life overall, the easiest & the fastest thing that you can do is – cut down on your sugar intake. Simple, yet effective!

Replace it with natural sweeteners. Less Sugar is directly proportional to your increased immune, better heart health, less stress, and an overall healthy & happier life.

Just try quitting it for 21 days and see the positive difference for yourself. In the comments section below, tell me how your experience of these 21 days of No sugar challenge was. Trust me; Your life will become healthier, happier & Longer.

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