One Line Whatsapp Status in English


if They are animals then i would be a monster.

Some Surprises are never Forgotten and Some are Never Forgiven.

We mature with the damage Not with the years.

Not Every time you needed to Hold onto Someone.

The PRETTIEST girls goes through the UGLIEST Shit.

Boys too need Brain to understand girls heart.

Goes on Silent Mode Please….DND

I don’t hurt others because I know how it feels.

Loneliness is at its PEAK.

Make her laugh Then Make her Moan.

The best and easiest way to stop the topic is Hmmmmm..

Advice Needs A Good Listener.

I wish i could shift+del you from my life.

Will you reply, the rain will come today.

i never wish to be easily defined.

Love makes time pass Time makes love pass.

single in the womb single till the tomb.

Caring ones are the less cared ones.

I Still Care and you Still Don’t.

The Two most powerful warriors are Time and Patience.

You are the best Stranger i have ever Meet.

No caption needed.

First love, like the rain is ever fresh.