Motivational Status in English

Trying and Doing are two different things. When you try, you hope. When you do, you succeed.

People know you for what you’ve done, not for what you plan to do.

The sooner you make your first 1000 mistakes, the sooner you’ll be able to correct them.

The Main key to success is to focus on things we desire, not things we fear.

Confidence comes not from being right all the time but from not fearing to be wrong.

I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it. Teach yourself to be impatient.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Forget the failures and work hard for success

Do not wait for time. Make it.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Be unique.

Best way to make your dreams come true is to work hard.

Don’t ask God to make your Problem Easier! Trying Yourself.

I cannot discover that anyone knows enough to say what is and what is definitely not possible.

SUCCESS belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else.

There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.

If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it.