Why India is the Most preferred estination for Liver Transplants?

The liver is one of the largest organs of the body that performs the function of removing toxins. Sometimes, the growth of malignant hepatic tumors in or on the liver that causes cancer. The point of concern with liver cancer is that it generally does not show visible symptoms until an advanced stage, decreasing the chances of survival. Hence, regular checkups and addressing the known symptoms immediately is one way to fight the disease.

Why India is the Most Preferred Destination for Liver Transplants?

There are a few symptoms that indicate the presence of liver cancer in the body. These symptoms include jaundice, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, an enlarged liver, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and back pain as well.

Causes of Liver Cancer

Before knowing the treatments, it is necessary to understand the causes of liver cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, Hepatitis C is the most common cause. People with both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C have a significantly higher risk of developing this form of cancer.

Other risk factors for liver cancer are as follows –

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Heredity or family problem
  • Heavy use of alcohol
  • Long-term exposure to aflatoxins
  • Low immunity
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

Treatment of Liver Cancer

If the cancer is identified at an earlier stage, it requires immediate surgery to remove the cancerous cells. A part of the liver is removed during the process. It can be performed in two ways depending upon the growth of the cancer cell.

Partial hepatectomy – When the tumor is small and occupies a small part of the liver, then it is recommended to remove that part of the liver and prevent the liver from further damage.

Liver transplantation – If the tumor size is less than 5 cm, then surgeons select the option of liver transplantation. Chances of cancer recurring are reduced with the transplantation. However, the surgery is not advisable in case of the tumor size greater than 5 cm.

Treatments directly administered to the affected area are known as localized treatments.

Detailed Information about Liver Transplantation

The world is well aware of the fact that India is shaping up to become the medical tourism hub for any kind of treatment. This has opened a window for many Indian hospitals to welcome patients from all around the world. Indian hospitals are also equipped to provide exclusive treatments on nominal prices.

The government of India has likewise simplified the policy, in a unique way to encourage hospitals to exceed expectations by putting all their skill and resources on display. Risky treatments like Alzheimer’s, numerous heart and lung-related disease and even transplants are successfully conducted. Talking about transplants, India gives the best treatment in Liver transplants. Almost every major city in India has the best liver transplant hospital, in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai for the urban masses.

Indian medical industry is gaining global recognition and is applauded on its every triumphant moment. This has altered the course of medical tourism in the world, with maximum people immigrating to the country and availing the best healthcare services. As there are not one but a bunch of factors that are making India’s liver transplant much desirable, so, here are some reasons aiding the cause:

World-class facility

Indian hospitals are continuously competing with overseas hospitals and are out doing them in terms of facilities. It’s known that a liver transplant in India is an exceptionally complex procedure, which requires an advancing level of expertise and Indian hospitals cater to these requirements.

India has strong certification approaches like Joint Commission International (JCI). There are different human administrations center with JCI and NABH. These affirmed remedial care centers in India gives treatment indistinguishable to more than overall rules.


We know, medical tourism in India is popular for their medical expertise, but the key attracting factor for medical tourist is the affordability of treatment. The treatment cost in India is One-tenth of what other western countries charge. This has changed the entire course of the medial industry in India. In other words, it makes exceptional hospitals less expensive than in any other countries.

Availability of latest innovations and execution

Indian hospitals are non-hesitant to adopt medical innovations. In fact, all the latest technologies and equipment are pre-installed in India, as we like to maintain a competitive edge.

Latest technologies like robotized surgeries, radiation surgery or radiopharmaceuticals with cyberknife stereotactic decisions, IMRT/IGRT, transplant sincerely strong systems etc are currently being used in surgeries and treatments. Hospitals in India are implementing the latest technologies for liver transplants too. Hospitals are willing to attempt and execute the most recent advancement in the transplants or any other surgical treatments.

Medical specialist Indian

Doctors carry a high reputation worldwide. It’s not what they say, but the testimonial of patients from US, UK, and other developed countries quote.

They are considered the best all across South Asia. They take pride in their work yet are generous enough to clear all the patient’s doubts before and after the treatment. Some Indian Doctors share an experience of more than 500 liver transplant surgeries! Doctors all over India are good especially those in New Delhi. You can expect the finest treatment from the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi.

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