Kenneth C. Griffin Quotes

I did not foresee a day where the government had to intervene to bail out basically everybody.

It’s important for me to be No. 1.

Long ago, I had to sort of learn to have a thick skin to read some of the things you read in the papers and to also keep my ego in check when you read some really flattering things in the papers.

Don’t act like a bank unless you are a bank. That was a really big lesson learned from 2008.

Should we think about separating the investment banks from the commercial banks, a new Glass-Seagull? I would be really excited to see that. I think it would be great for the economy.

The idea that the largest banks in the world would simultaneously fail, need government support, government guarantees, and/or government intervention to survive was not in my range of realistic scenarios.

It drives people nuts that I take them to McDonald’s all the time.

Speaker Ryan’s vision for a confident America, both at home and abroad, reflects his thoughtful leadership.

Our financial markets work best when they are competitive, fair, and transparent

If you look at Citadel today, that’s really – the founding principle of the firm is a real pursuit of talent, a pursuit of people who have a passion for finance, and a pursuit of individuals who make good decisions day in and day out.

Skin Let me be clear: All I really care about is my kids know that their parents love them.

So many of the great thought leaders that have shaped economics – Gary Becker, Milton Friedman – what an unbelievable success story they’ve had in their field.

As Americans, I think we really believe that with the meritocracy that exists in our country, the equality of opportunity is so important to the foundation of our culture and our society

I’m the CEO; I’m the one who should be looking out for risk

As our success grew, we became known across the four corners of finance not just for our outstanding returns, but also for our outstanding people

It’s a winner-take-all world.

It is incredible to come to work every day surrounded by individuals whose insights and efforts place us at the forefront of finance.

In our firm’s earliest days, our understanding of the power of great software engineering and quantitative analytics helped Citadel stand out

The success story at Citadel has been written by a number of people who have backgrounds from the University of Chicago.

As an industry, we have a responsibility to manage risk in a way that is prudent

We’re going through a period of retrenchment as the dynamics of the playing field are changing.