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I know Eric Schmidt, and he has different political views from mine. But I think he’s a terrific guy.

I’m not sure whether Jeff Bezos is the greatest thing in the world coming along or if he may be the emperor with no clothes

We had a field day before anyone knew anything about shorting. It was almost a license to steal. Nowadays, it’s a license to get hosed.

Digital Globe is, I think, a really great company. And it’s had its virtual monopoly in the area where it is.

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The man I respect the most in the business – and he’s in the hedge fund business – is probably Stan Druckenmiller. He’s just so smart and so good and so up on everything. I think he’s fantastic investor.

Our mandate is to find the 200 best companies in the world and invest in them, and find the 200 worst companies in the world and go short on them. If the 200 best don’t do better than the 200 worst, you should probably be in another business.

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It seems to me that the least deserving recipients of wealth are inheritors. Further, there are many indications that inheritors often have trouble adjusting to their unearned inheritance. An inheritance tax would de facto help remedy this.

My message is get into what you love and really want to do and can do. And there are these tests you can take for that. All the colleges have them.