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Jefferson Davis Quotes about Slavery

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The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.

The Slave must be made fit for his freedom by education and discipline, and thus made unfit for slavery. And as soon as he becomes unfit for slavery, the master will no longer desire to hold him as a slave.

If slavery be a sin, it is not yours. It does not rest on your action for its origin, on your consent for its existence. It is a common law right to property in the service of man; its origin was Divine decree.

African slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a moral, a social, and a political blessing.

Jefferson Davis Quotes on Country

To one who loves his country in all its parts, it is natural to rejoice in whatever contributes to the prosperity and honor and marks the stability and progress of any portion of its people.

Lay aside all rancors, all bitter sectional feeling, and to make your places in the ranks of those who will bring about a consummation devoutly to be wished—a reunited country.

We protest solemnly in the face of mankind, that we desire peace at any sacrifice, save that of honor.

It is our duty to keep the memory of our heroes green. Yet they belong to the whole country; they belong to America.

Jefferson Davis Quotes about Constitution

“We may well leave it to the instincts of that common humanity which a beneficent Creator has implanted in the breasts of our fellow-men of all countries to pass judgement on a measure by which several millions of human beings of an inferior race, peaceful and contented labourers in their sphere, are doomed to extermination, while at the same time they are encouraged to a general assassination of their masters by the insidious recommendation ‘to abstain from violence unless in necessary self-defence.’ Our own detestation of those who have attempted by the most execrable measure recorded in the history of guilty man is tempered by a profound contempt for the impotent rage which it discloses.  …”

At Rest An American Soldier And Defender of the Constitution.

It was one of the compromises of the Constitution that the slave property in the Southern States should be recognized as property throughout the United States.

Jefferson Davis Quotes about Civil War

The past is dead; let it bury its dead, its hopes and its aspirations; before you lies the future-a future full of golden promise.

The authors of all our misfortune.

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The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.

Pray excuse me. I cannot take it.