Is WordPress Good for Beginners?

Is WordPress good for beginners? If you want to create your first website, then this question has likely crossed your mind.

Most people consider WordPress when they want to build their first site because it’s relatively straightforward to use. However, its ease of use for beginners depends on the technical requirements you want. Therefore, this article will discuss how simple WordPress is for beginners and point out potential barriers to entry. We’ll also make a few suggestions on how to make your experience with this platform easier.

Is WordPress Good for Beginners?

Introduction to WordPress

In the beginning, WordPress was used mainly as a blogging platform. However, it has since evolved into a robust content management system (CMS) that powers over 40.6% of websites worldwide.

The WordPress platform is free to use, so you only have to invest in a domain name and web hosting.

Reasons WordPress Can Be Hard for Beginners At The Outset


Figuring out how to install WordPress can be complicated. It really depends on the hosting provider you’re using. Some web hosts offer one-click installation, whereas others require you to download the software first from and then upload it to your web server using FTP.

The Dashboard

The WordPress platform has its own dashboard where you can customize your site, tweak settings, and install themes and plugins. This dashboard takes some getting used to, especially when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the terms. For example, there are posts and pages and custom post types, which are three different things.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress is reliant on its themes and plugins for its design and functionality. As a result, you can pretty much make your site into anything you want. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the multiple plugin and theme options as many offer the same or similar features.

Additionally, although this platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge, it can be challenging to customize your theme. The visual editing experience isn’t as simple as dragging and dropping; however, the new Block Editor is moving in that direction. Furthermore, if the theme you choose is poorly coded, it can be hard to adjust it unless you’re an advanced user.


Due to its popularity, WordPress tends to be a favorite target of hackers. Fortunately, the platform’s developers are continually coming up with fixes for its vulnerabilities. However, this means that you’ll have to constantly update the WordPress core and your plugins to make sure that they’re always protected against the latest threats.

Ways to Make WordPress More User-Friendly

Although WordPress can be overwhelming for beginners, you can do a few things to make using WordPress easier.

  • Choose Managed WordPress Hosting: This type of hosting will ensure that your WordPress site is always kept up to date and provide you with expert customer support. Additionally, you’ll get a one-click platform installation.
  • Use a Page Builder to Create your Site: Page builder plugins such as Elementor provide a drag-and-drop site-building experience, making it easy to add elements and see your changes in real-time.
  • Use a Lightweight Theme: Heavy themes with many unnecessary features can slow down your site and be hard to customize. Lightweight themes, by contrast, usually have a streamlined design, so they’re easier to adjust.
  • Restrict Your Plugins: If you have too many plugins, your site’s performance may be affected, and its security could be compromised. Therefore, it’s important only to install the plugins you need.
  • Take Advantage of the Community: WordPress has a vibrant community that offers a ton of information and advice for making WordPress easier to use. Additionally, the WordPress support forum allows you to reach out to developers directly.

Is WordPress Good for Beginners?

To answer this question, we have to be specific. Yes, anyone with basic computer skills can publish content with WordPress. However, can you learn all its features in one day? No.

With WordPress, you can launch a simple website in a few hours, but you’ll need to look up a few tutorials to get the most out of this platform. Furthermore, complicated websites with lots of plugins and an advanced theme can take some time before it’s up and running.

All that being said, WordPress is good for beginners, especially compared to other open-source CMS platforms. This is because it’s easy to publish blog posts. Furthermore, the interface is intuitive so that most users can pick it up quickly. In addition, the Block Editor allows you to embed media and other elements without having to write any code.

So, while WordPress can seem overwhelming for first-time site creators, it’s worth taking the time to learn its ins and outs.

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