iPhone App Waits In Customer Service Queue So You Don’t Have To

A pioneer “robot lawyer”, DoNotPay is the app that anyone who’s ever been driven crazy by waiting for hours on hold will find heaven sent. What’s so great about DoNotPay is that it will save both your time and effort. Instead of wasting minutes (and sometimes hours) waiting on hold, you can get on with your day while the app contacts the customer service team for you. You also won’t have to trouble yourself with finding the best customer phone line as the app contains an extensive database of VIP service lines. 

Unlike reaching customer service teams directly, DoNotPay has a pretty simple procedure. Once you open the app, you need to click or tap on the customer support option. The next step is to type in the name of the company whose customer rep you want to reach. The app will call the support line for you and go through automated messages and the phone tree for you. Once it reaches a live employee, you will receive a notification and the app will put you through. It will feel like the customer service is calling you, not the other way around. What’s even better is that there is a timer with an estimated waiting time. You will know how long the whole process will last so you can organize your time and do other things while the app is waiting in queue. 

Another great thing about DoNotPay is that it can record your conversations with customer service reps. If they give you some dumb excuse or outright refuse to help you, you can use this to shame then online. In case your complaint eventually turns into a legal dispute, the recordings will surely give you an upper hand. 

The DoNotPay app is downloaded free of charge. You can find it in the Apple App Store. If you’re not a fan of Apple’s product, all you need to do is open the app in your web browser. 

Of course, there are other ways to contact customer service, although they are not as efficient. Major companies, such as Rockstar, Booking.com, Instagram, and Marriott, receive thousands of complaints every week. With so many angry customers calling to complain, it’s hard for them to help everyone promptly. Consequently, most people are stuck waiting on hold for ages and some complaints even get forgotten or ignored. 

While phone calls are the most common way of reaching a major company’s customer service department, they are also the most frustrating. In order to get in touch with a live person, you need to go through answering machines, multiple transfers, and wait on hold for a while. A couple of minutes of waiting is enough to get anyone angry but, on average, people wait for around 30 minutes to reach a rep. In some cases, you may even have to wait for over an hour!

But endless phone queues are nothing compared to other means of getting in touch with a large company’s customer service. Sending a long, angry email may seem like a good idea but it rarely yields good results. Most companies will take at least a week to reply. If you’re out of luck, you won’t get any reply at all. 

Some companies encourage their users to contact them through their social media profiles. In some cases, this may be a successful method. Still, just like with emails, your complaint may be ignored. According to research conducted by NewVoiceMedia  59% of customers aged between 25 and 34 have shared poor customer experiences online.

DoNotPay was created by a young British entrepreneur, Joshua Browder, in order to help customers avoid all these issues. "I think that the average person doesn't really have an advocate to fight for them,'' Browder stated. 

Find out more about DoNotPay’s  customer support services now. 

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