Interesting Facts For Rapid Growth In Cryptocurrency Mining

A good number of people have an assumption that Crypto mining is a way of creating new coins. But in the real sense, Cryptocurrency involves validating transactions on a blockchain. Out of many assumptions, many individuals conclude that the cryptocurrency industry is mysterious. As technology advances, more people are venturing into cryptocurrency mining to test their luck. But there are some facts you didn’t know about this industry. We have listed down for you some facts about cryptocurrency.

Interesting Facts For Rapid Growth In Cryptocurrency Mining

Below are some useful tips for first-time miners

  1. Ensure that you are using a mining profitability calculator to find out whether you will turn your desired token into profits or not. On the other hand, remember to calculate the cost of electricity as mining consumes a lot of power.
  2. You should focus on mining coins with relatively lower prices and get many of them. If such coins are added to an exchange, you will be on a safer side.
  3. You should mine coins with high profits, sell them and purchase other coins (that may be mined or not) that you have researched and found out that may become your best investments. This is an example of speculative mining.

Put in place the required security measures before getting started

Did you know that one person becomes a victim of cybercrime every day in every three people? A good number of these cases target internet devices that are not secured? Yes! That is what is experienced when mining cryptocurrency when using an unsecured internet connection.

But is it possible to avoid such attacks? You can avoid these attacks by using secured internet connections when carrying out your tasks. On the other hand, you should avoid using public networks which may be vulnerable.

Using a VPN would add more security. You can change your IP address as well as the device location using a VPN, making it safer on the internet full of cybercriminals. Explore the VeePN free VPN Chrome extensions to keep away from feeling insecure. Acquire yourself the most essential resources and complete protection from unsecured online connections. If you download VPN for Chrome, you will get yourself a new IP address and enjoy your privacy. The VeePN extension protects you against cybercriminals. It saves your data from hackers and hides your location. VPN offers a free trial for first-time users.

Cryptocurrency facts

Why is crypto mining so profitable right now?

Mining only one bitcoin block successfully and retaining it in your wallet since 2010 would translate to $450,000 in 2020.

If you would like to learn and get some of your income from crypto, then you should understand the basics before making up your mind if you would make profits or not from bitcoins. That is the reason why among the cryptocurrencies, you find bitcoin booming. This has contributed to sudden Crypto spikes.

Why is cryptocurrency growing so fast?

Have you ever known why crypto is going up? A good number of people have been asking themselves the reason why the crypto industry has been growing rapidly. The truth of the matter is determined by what is happening today in society. Most individuals have now focused on better alternatives to live their own lives and not depend on government agencies and banks.

Which cryptocurrency is growing fast?

As bitcoins are among the best cryptocurrencies, it has remained the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in 2022. Most industries and financial institutions have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Fastest Cryptocurrency to mine?

Currently, Monero is the most accessible cryptocurrency to mine, and mining can be done via free software and extensions. It can also be mined through crypto-jacking. You can also incorporate the mining code into websites and apps to facilitate mining.

Top cryptocurrency platforms in 2022


MineDollars is a cloud mining platform having more than 320 000 users. This platform is a well-known platform for users who want to mine Bitcoins at any time and location. It has had more than 1 million transactions since it was introduced and counting, good progress indeed since it has a visible track record.


Hashlists is among the top crypto mining solutions globally. It has gained much popularity among crypto professionals in the recent past, and experts highly expect it to rise and become well-known over the years.

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is among the top power distributors around the globe. They offer cryptocurrency mining in different capacities according to the user preference – for newbie’s in the industry, large-scale investors, as well as interested home miners. The main aim of Genesis Mining was to make the acquisition of cryptocurrencies easier and faster for all users.


If you are interested in learning crypto mining, you must have a great desire to learn and much curiosity about cryptocurrencies. The fast-changing technology has changed the ways of mining crypto to a whole new level. Professional miners who have mastered the crypto industry and get rewards are now studying and sharpening their mining skills for better performance.

Such concerns have forced other cryptocurrencies like Etherium to change their frameworks from PoW to other practical frameworks, like proof-of-stake frameworks.

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