Tips to Increase IDM Downloading Speed upto 100Mbps

Tips to Increase IDM Downloading Speed upto 100Mbps: Internet Download Manager is regarded as the most excellent downloading accelerators. As stated by its manufacturer, IDM can easily increase your download acceleration and speed by up to 5x! But, in case somehow, still you require the download rate to be even a lot faster, it is possible for you to boost the acceleration and speed of file transfers by changing the software’s settings to enhance your Internet data transfer.

How to increase IDM Downloading Speed upto 100Mbps

IDM is Stands for Internet Download Manager IDM is an excellent internet download manager actually an amazing download manager for passionate downloaders who download loads of things on the internet.

Does IDM Really increase Download Speed?

Have you ever asked yourself does IDM increase Download Speed? And the answer is yes!! But the main Question is HOW? Therefore now in this post I will explain you how to increase downloading speed in IDM upto 1Mbps to 100 Mbps and also I will Show you How to increase IDM Downloading Speed by 2 methods.

Both the techniques deliver the results extremely amazing. Allow me to start the tutorial ‘Tips to Increase Download Speed in IDM’ instead of wasting your valuable time.


Increase IDM Downloading Speed by Changing Settings in IDM.

The First way to increase Downloading Speed of internet download manager is by changing some settings in IDM. You have to make some changes in Configurations to increase IDM Downloading Speed upto 10Mbps.

Steps on How to make an IDM Faster?

Follow these Simple Steps on How to make an IDM Faster? And you will definitely get the positive Result. Mainly Because These Steps are followed by me personally and I got the even more fast transfer Rate in IDM.

Step 1:-

  • Open Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  • Go to Options > Connections.
  • Go to Connection tab and Select Connection Type/Speed.
  • Choose High Speed Direct Connection in Connection Type/Speed.

Step 2:-

  • increase Default Max.connection.number
  • Change Max connection number 8 to 16.
  • Click to OK.

Step 3:-

  • Turn off Speed Limiter.
  • Go to Download > Click on Speed Limit.
  • Select Turn off.

Step 4:-

  • Delete All Completed Tasks to Free up the Space.
  • Download > Delete All Completed.

Step 5:-

  • Schedule you’re Downloads.
  • Try to download your data in night time to increase IDM Downloading Speed. This is the Hidden IDM Fast Download Trick.

Method 2

Increase IDM Downloading Speed using IDM Optimizer.

What is IDM Optimizer – IDM Speed Booster?

IDM Optimizer is one kind of Third Party Software used to boost your IDM download Speed. It is also called as IDM Speed Booster. This IDM Optimizer has an Ability to Speed up and Boost your Downloading Speed so that you can download your data much faster. Here I am sharing you how you can boost your download speed in IDM using IDM Optimizer? Follow these below Step by Step Procedure to increase downloading speed of IDM.

Steps on How to increase Download Speed by IDM Optimizer

Step 1:- First you need to Download IDM optimizer in your PC.

Step 2:- Run IDM Optimizer.

Step 3:- Click to Maximize now! Button.

Step 4:- Once you click on Maximize now button you will be asked to restart the IDM to apply changes.

Step 5:- once you click on OK Button your IDM will be restarted. Your IDM optimizer Trick will be successfully Done.

Step 6:- Download anything to See the speed increment using this IDM Booster or IDM Optimizer.

Download IDM Optimizer or IDM Speed Booster Here.

Final words

If you find any difficulty regarding this IDM Optimizer or IDM Speed Booster you can comment below with your problem. I will be happy to help you. If you like this article please share this with your friends. If you any other Tricks to increase Downloading Speed of IDM. Please Let me know in comments box.

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