IBAN Accounts For Your Business at Genome

Doing business with international partners requires opening a bank online account. But to effectively manage your money transfers, you need an IBAN account. The financial online platform Genome is ready to provide all financial services related to servicing your IBAN account.

IBAN Accounts For Your Business at Genome

Multifunctionality of an IBAN Account

Initially, the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) was used to simplify and speed up the processing of international payments in the states of the European Union. Currently, it is used as the standard government bank account system in countries outside Europe as well. Open an IBAN account that will allow you to transfer money to other accounts and receive transfers as well. The advantages of an IBAN account for your money are obvious:

  • quick and easy transactions between banks of different countries
  • IBAN account makes international money transfers much cheaper
  • IBAN standard is officially supported by SWIFT that allows improving the efficiency of the movement of SWIFT payments
  • using an IBAN account reduces delays in payments and helps to simplify settlements with other countries.

Benefits of Using Genome Account

Open an IBAN account at Genome and transfer money to your foreign partners more effectively. A highly devoted and professional team of Genome will assist you with all financial operations at your IBAN account. With your bank online account you get additional benefits:

  • Genome account allows you to add up to 15 IBANs in 1 wallet. Your accounts are available in EUR, USD, GBP.
  • You will conduct seamless SEPA transfers with Genome financial services.
  • You can increase the number of employees who will manage your business account with different access levels. The access list can be edited anytime.
  • Your business transactions will be secured with the most advanced protocols. Your funds will be protected by the National Bank of Lithuania.
  • You will highly appreciate the simplicity of online registration and the convenience of the Genome app.

Steps to Open IBAN Account

The procedure of starting your business IBAN account is very simple and convenient:

  • Sign up to Genome with your phone number or email address
  • Provide all the necessary information and wait for identity verification
  • Add the documents on your business that certify ownership
  • Submit link from the official registry

The international IBAN standard was introduced to standardize the structure of bank accounts in many countries. It allows you to conduct all financial operations with international partners easily and efficiently. With a Genome account, your business deals will be raised to the highest level of efficiency and mutual trust!

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