I Miss you Status in English

You are on my mind and in my heart. MISS YOU.

“I wanna write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.”

“I only miss you when I’m breathing.” ― Jason Derulo

“Some mornings still feel like the night before. I’m just waiting for the days I don’t miss you anymore.”

“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.” — Lamartine

“If I could plant a flower for every time I miss you, I could walk through my garden forever.”

“When you are missing someone, time seems to move slower, and when I’m falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster.” — Taylor Swift

“When I text you it means I’m MISSING you. When I don’t it means I’m WAITING for you to miss me. If only you knew.”

“If ever I see you smile and know that it is not for me, that is when I will miss you the most.”

“I pretend to ignore you, but I really just miss you.”

“I feel bad when you miss me, I feel sad when you don’t.”

“All I can do every time I miss you is to stare at your pictures and smile.

“I miss you. I might not always show it, might not always tell people, but on the inside I miss you like crazy.

“Thinking of you every; second, minute, hour, day, is medication to my illness of missing you.”

“He taught me how to love, but he didn’t teach me how to stop.”

“The ‘I miss you’s,’ ‘I love you’s,’ and ‘I want to be with you’s’ will never amount to actually being with you physically.”

“Missing someone hurts, but what hurts even more is knowing that you’re the reason that they’re gone.”

“You know what is really hard for someone? To miss you, and to realize that you miss someone else. That is a punch in the stomach.”

“I keep telling myself that I don’t miss you and don’t love you, hoping one day I’ll believe it.”

“I’m not angry that you won’t come back, I’m sad because I keep hoping you will.”

“Everyday, I fight the urge to text you or call you, telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would.”

“I die every day, every second without you.”

“I miss you. A little too much, a little too often, and a little bit more every day.”“I keep myself busy with the things I do. But every time I pause, I still think of you.”

“No matter how long it’s been, there are times when it suddenly becomes harder to breathe.”