Hunting for Snow in Lambasingi? How to Reach There

Many of you who are reading this article right now would not believe me if I told you that there is a hill station in Andhra Pradesh, and it snows there in winter. I was surprised beyond limits when I got to know that. I asked my most reliable friend, google assistant, about the place, modes to reach there, total average expenditure, and other essential details. Being her friendly self, she answered all the questions and even shared additional information like where to stay, when is the best time to visit where I can find the best quality food, etc. in the FAQ section. Here, I will pass on all those details to you so that you do not miss the chance to have fun at Lambasingi.

Hunting for Snow in Lambasingi? How to Reach There

Traveling is what my spirit strives for, and being close to nature and scenic beauty is what my life is dependent upon. It soothes my soul and gives me an internal calmness.

With no care in the world whatsoever, I like to explore different locations every time I steal some moments from the everyday hustle of life. I get on my journey of exploration and add a new souvenir of memory to every single page of my book of adventures – my life.

The most recent trip was to Lambasingi. It is the pearl of the southern part of India, lying in a deep sea of cosmopolitan cities. Also claimed as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi is the only location in the Southern part of India which receives snowfall. Lambasingi is a paradise Standing tall at an altitude of 1000 meters from the sea level. In Telugu, which is the local language of Andhra, people call Lambasingi – Korra Bayalu, which translates to if someone stays out in the open, they will freeze like a twig/ stick. So, a big no to outdoor camping, late-night walks, or any outdoor activity at night.

I spent my entire weekend amid snow and fun activities provided by Lambasingi. It was not just a tourist place for me but much more than that. It felt like the most beautiful experience to be at Lambasingi. Also, I tried various local delicacies. The most exotic flavors in food will be found here. Well, your trip is incomplete without the delicious food of Andhra. Do try them!

As per your convenience, you can take any commutes to reach your destination. I chose to rent a car in Hyderabad with an experienced driver. The cab service I contacted was recommended by the tourists who have also traveled the distance by taxis. By road journey was terrific. The taxi driver used to stop at spots wherever I asked to take pictures. As soon as the taxi used to come to a halt, I used to barge out. A few times, the driver got scared and also advised me to calm down.

Moving ahead, if you are planning to drop by the land of enchantment, then please know that the best time to visit Lambasingi is during winter. November to January is the best time of the year to visit Lambasingi. I went in December and was delighted by the magnificent scene before my eyes. Personal favorites were sunrise and sunsets at Lambasingi. I made sure not to miss any of the breakings of dawn and dusk for the whole duration of my trip.

Another thing which I did not miss was the food. The local food was to die for. The bursting of taste buds could be felt after every bite.

Lambasingi has various adventurous and fun activities in store for all globetrotters. My personal favorites were – Mountain treks, Morning walks under a blanket of mist, and visiting the picture-perfect Kothapalli waterfall. I dared to dip a finger under the falling water without freezing or screaming and then I could feel my fingers for some time. I took the road less traveled and dawdle through the forest. Also, I went to the Thajangi reservoir. This was one of the most beautiful places I visited. I visited the coffee and pepper farms also.

The overall experience was astounding. I enjoyed every second of my trip there, and I am willing to go there again every time I will get the chance to do so. The beautiful and serene ambiance of Lambasingi is heavenly. It feels so calm and soothing to be there. Nobody would ever like to return from there. I was willing to stay there for life. But, the effect of its serenity will be more after the chaos of everyday life hassles. The effect, as I said, begins from the road trip itself.