How to Select the Perfect Jewelry for your Engagement

Your engagement is a joyous occasion. Not only should you feel great, but you must make every effort to look great. Pictures last a lifetime, remember?

How to Select the Perfect Jewelry for your Engagement

So here are 4 tips on how to select the perfect jewellery for your engagement + how to choose the engagement ring:

Keep it simple

Minimalism is trending which means you have to try to keep it simple on your engagement. You can make a big splash at your wedding whereas you can keep it pretty low-key at the engagement. If budget is a concern, look up simple gold earrings with price on deal websites to get a good price and look stunning at the same time.

Only one statement piece

In line with keeping it simple, you don’t want your accessories to wear you. So, only have one statement piece. It could be your maang tika or the earrings or the ring that you’re wearing. Too many pieces will distract attention from you.

Match the metal to the dress

Gold is pretty versatile and goes well with everything whereas diamonds can be a little tricky. Match the colour of the metal with the colour or accents of the dress. You can also look up colour theory to understand which two colours mix well together.

Consider the neckline of your dress

If your blouse is cut low, you might want to wear shoulder dusters whereas if your neckline is conservative, you should opt for a smaller jhumka. The neckline is also important when considering what necklace to wear. If the neckline is deep, you can wear layered necklaces or a choker. If it is conservative but there is no design, you can still wear a traditional necklace without too many colours in it.

How to choose the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Focus on the shape of the ring you want

The shape also known as cut helps you narrow down your choices immensely.

Choose a metal for the band

Look at your partner’s skin tone, personality and lifestyle to determine if they would like palladium, platinum or gold. You can also add stones to the band.

Have a carat size picked out

You can choose quality or quantity. Some people prefer a large stone or a clear stone whereas others prefer clarity over the carats.

Get the right measurement

There’s nothing worse than a ring that doesn’t fit. Take your partner’s measurement beforehand to have the ring fit them perfectly.

Consider how it will look with the wedding band

You don’t want diamond rings that will completely overshadow the wedding band or one that will look underwhelming next to the wedding band. Choose one that complements the band well.

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