How to Optimize your Washrooms

Are you seeking tips on how to make your bathroom more functional? Whether you’re looking for simple adjustments that anybody (and we mean anyone) can do, ideas for redesigning your space, or the know-how to design a bathroom from the ground up, we’ve got it all right here.

We have gathered some of the most efficient tips and tricks to optimize your washroom.

How to Optimize your Washrooms

Renovating Your Hand Basin

If your budget doesn’t allow you for a whole bathroom renovation, upgrade simply one statement piece, such as the sink or the bath. Choosing a prominent sink is a fantastic way to add a focal point to a bathroom while also improving the overall vibe of the space.

Make sure to install high-quality valves in your washroom. You should approach a professional valve manufacturer company, as they can provide you with premium quality valves for your bathroom space.

Painting Your Bathroom Walls

The majority of bathrooms are painted in dull and bland colors. Replace the paint on your bathroom walls with a new and fresh color. A dull white washroom can be entirely transformed with fun plum or rustic olive tones in just a few hours of labor.

The best part is that painting is something you can do as many times as you like, so you can keep changing the theme of your bathroom over time. Even if you don’t do anything else, painting the walls of your bathroom can make a huge difference.

Bathroom Mirrors

With the use of huge, space-enhancing mirrors, you may create the illusion of a lighter, more spacious bathroom. Long and tall mirrors work well in exaggerating the size and atmosphere of a room, so choose a form and design that complements your bathroom.

You should also make sure that your mirror is intact. The simple approach to keep the mirror intact is to add molding to it. Any sort of molding will do, but one with a rabbet on the back edge will fit up to the mirror’s edge and extend past it, giving it a great finished look. Paint the inside part of the molding black or the same color as the rest because it will be reflected back. Miter the corners, and you’ll have a perfect frame.

Clean Your Shower Heads

Water-saving devices called reducers are now standard on most showerheads and faucets. They’re fantastic for conserving water (and money), but they’re not always as strong as you’d want. Unscrew the showerhead from its arm to remove the water reducer. Look for the reducer on the inside; it’s generally of bright color. Remove the reducer by removing the gasket that keeps it in place.

Hard water, which can leave mineral deposits in a showerhead and limit water flow, is another reason for low water pressure. Soak a showerhead in vinegar for a few minutes to loosen and eliminate deposits.

You should install ball valves in your showerheads, as they can efficiently regulate the flow of water and are perfect for handling a small water supply.

Dingy Faucet Handles

While we’d all prefer to replace our faucets, monetary constraints often prevent us from doing so. Hard water deposits or regular use might cause the original one-handled clear plastic faucet handles to get a little weird over time.

You can buy replacements for a few bucks at the home center, or if they’re in good form, you can save money by removing them (all you need is a screwdriver) and soaking them in vinegar, and washing them with an old toothbrush. You’ll be surprised at how bright and gleaming they are.

Exhaust Fans

Dust accumulates in the fan slits over time, causing it to perform less efficiently. You can see how much air the fan is pulling in by placing one square of toilet paper in front of it while it is running (however, this may only show you how strong a fan you have installed).

If replacing the fan isn’t an option, clean it thoroughly using a vacuum hose with a brush attachment. It’s also conceivable that the exhaust pipe has become clogged. A dryer vent brush, which has a long flexible handle with a brush at the end, can be used to clean this.

Bathroom Cabinet

If your bathroom cabinets are dirty but still function well, there’s no reason to feel stuck if your budget is limited. Even laminate-covered cabinets from a builder’s grade can be renovated. There are kits available that include all primers, paint/epoxy layers, and other supplies, or you may just use sand, prime, and paint with common materials.

Remove all doors, drawers, and hardware from the bathroom and work on them in a clean workplace away from the bathroom to make the job easier. To get a smooth surface, use rollers or foam brushes, and then finish with a layer of polyurethane or polyacrylic. Pick up some new knobs and pull to complete the look.

Broken Tiles

Not only does crack or broken tiles look ugly, but they can also be a trip hazard, a sharp exposed edge, or a leak entrance site. Use a rotary tool and a tile saw attachment to cut around the broken or cracked tile at the grout line. If the tile isn’t loose, you’ll have to break it apart with a hammer or a cold chisel.

Make sure that the good tiles in the area are protected. Clean the area thoroughly and look for any voids that could have caused the tile to crack. If this is the case, apply a leveling compound, smooth it out, and let it dry. Apply mortar to the back of the tile and the spot where it will be put, then set it in place, making sure it is level with the next tile. Allow the mortar to dry before applying the grout.

Prevent Moulding

Mold needs moisture to grow, and because your bathroom is the wettest area in the house, it’s the first location where those unattractive spots appear. Allowing appropriate air circulation is the first step in preventing mold accumulation.

Although an exhaust fan will aid in the removal of moisture, don’t overlook the simple act of leaving the bathroom door or window open. If you have a shower curtain, make sure you fully open it after you’ve finished showering to allow air to circulate around it and water to drain. Wipe the moisture from the shower walls and door with a squeegee.

Make sure your slow drain is working properly because it keeps the moisture for a long period of time.


When it comes to washrooms, hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost significance. You will be less prone to fall sick if you keep your bathroom clean and fresh. Utilize these tips and tricks, mentioned in this article to create a hygienic environment in your washroom.

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