How to Maintain SEO Ranking Position

Easy Guide to Hold SEO Ranking Position on Search Engine

How to maintain SEO rank position on search Engine

Will a Website Remain at The first rank After achieving top position? 

So you have poured all of your blood, pain and hard work into your site and finally you have achieved the top ranking on the search engine results page. That’s really great. Congratulation! But after that will your site continue remaining there? Will Google allow it?
Well, too bad for you, because the response is NO. Search engines is extremely honest in choosing which website acquires the top ranking for each keyword. If you noticed some people said that your website will hold its position without hard work and performing anything, then you’ve been laid. They said that because a top ranked site will definitely get a lot more traffic as compared to the ones below it, making it get an enormous improve to be able to hold its first position, but that’s it. If you stop modifying or updating your site than users are going to stop viewing your website, then Google will think your website not fit for the top place anymore and decrease its position.

So, what should we perform to hold our valuable first ranking? Here are some suggestions you can follow to ensure your website holds its strong position:

1. Build your websites Links:

When you achieved the first position on Google, there will be numerous other sites that are trying to rank on the first position. The technique in this is to select some most appropriate and High Authority PR websites to link sites to yours, that help in improving your rank. For more optimize, you should prove everyone that Google is correct in placing you in the first ranking, which is quite easy thinking that everyone trust Google’s ranking algorithm. Anyway, this can be done by following some tips below:

– Improve the website design and style. Nobody would like to visit an unattractive looking website.

– Keep spreading your content and make your ranking even stronger by regularly upgrade it with new, original, and unique contents. It is known as a press release or blog posting.

– Temporarily remove advertisement. Monetizing your website is alright, but too much advertisements can be deadly for no one wants to link with an extremely filled with advertisements website. It would be recommended that you limit the ads for some time unless you get some more links because this could enable you more income later on.

– Apart from waiting for others to link to you, you could also actively find links by yourself. This can be done the same method you get your earlier backlinks: either by requesting other people, directory submission, guest posting, article posting, and many more. Always do your best to stay away from paid links.

– In short, keep searching and build new links. By adding a higher quality link is harder for competitor to overtake you in the positions, but you could also mix up the link anchor text to try to acquire the same web page to position for other related keywords.

2. Optimize your Click-Through Rates and Improve Traffic

Just because you have 1st position doesn’t mean you’ll get a constant quantity of visitor every day. To increase the click-through rates, you could do some changing for the following things.

– Title tags:  This is the blue link text that you see on the search results web pages. You could explore the terms on the title text to see how it impacts CTR. For example, you could reduce the headline to make it an accurate match of the search query or else you makes it a bit long by adding attractive keyword phrases like “Read This First!” The title tag is probably the most crucial on-page Search engine optimization factor. so confirm your focused keyword phrase has the most popularity. Remember that the search engines need a minimum of 2 or 3 days or weeks to accept your modifications. Don’t change or edit existing content too much or too regularly else your website decreasing in the search rankings.

– Meta Descriptions:  This is the black description text that appears with your search displaying. While Google in many cases, change this up based on what’s being searched, you could set up your choice by adding the Meta description tag in the head portion of your page. Add an attractive line with your focused keywords.

– Conversion Rates:  Once you have achieved the first position, you want your visitors to do anything that could be turned into income on your website, whether subscribing to your newsletter, clicking on advertisements, or purchasing your product/service.  Take benefit of the constant flow of visitors by regularly testing what works and what does not work on your website, For Example: alter the placement of the ads on your website or change the model color of your background. Test and analyze your website by performing modifications.

3. Make a Brand to protect your Position

SEO is a quite risky market place. Once you hold the first position, and a few days later you can end up on the center of the page or next page. Your website changes its positions frequently or perhaps lost due to algorithmic changes depending on latest technology, you have to protect your website ranking by improving brand name. When Google keeps upgrading their algorithm to identify any bad play in SEO. So still you can keep achieve the success because of brand improvement. Apart from good content and high quality backlinks, these are a few of the points search engines will look for in the near future to figure out the power of a website.

– Traffic / user engagement: Google has all info about visitor behavior. Focus on creating a high quality website that satisfies user needs so that they will remain longer and sure to do deal with you, and the search website traffic will come naturally.

– Branding: Don’t just develop a simple website that only contains common information that you can find everywhere on the web. Like , provide some interesting information or tips, so that looks natural. Develop a powerful brand name for your site or product. Like that, Search engines will recognize your site and will maintain your ranking at the top.

– Social media: Social media marketing is extremely popular nowadays – and we can see that. Popular Social Networking websites like Twitter, linkedin, and Facebook have lots of user data and all of these are useful to determine what topics can be widely used news stories, blog sites, and websites. Also, don’t forget to be active. always stay connected your website or blog with social media. because this opportunity is too beneficial for improving your website reputation and improving traffic as well Rank.