How to Grow your Email List Via Instagram?

When it comes to marketing, most of our efforts are aimed to achieve a greater number of leads. Similarly, with social media marketing, the idea shouldn’t just be promoting the business; it should be promoting one’s business so that we can gauge maximum leads from there. When it comes to Instagram, you will find that it is pretty self-enclosed, adding to your difficulties. Also, you get only one organic live link, which too, is difficult to track. Still, if put-to-use correctly, Instagram can come out really handy when it comes to generating your audience’s email addresses. Social media algorithms and patterns are dynamic, keeps changing, but when you have someone’s email, it is very less likely to change. This is one of the reasons as to why having email lists are one of the best returns on investments and are often compared to strong loyalty levels from customers. To be specific, it offers $42 RoI for every dollar spent on email marketing Let’s see how you can leverage the power of Instagram to grow your email list:

How to Grow your Email List Via Instagram? Step by Step Guide

Mention it, but sporadically

Most of us repeatedly ask our followers to sign up for email updates via different techniques. But that is not how it works. If you mention it more than required, it will irritate your audience extensively and instead of gaining subscribers, you will lose followers. So, the idea is to mention it occasionally.

The easiest way is to ask your audience to sign up for your list. So, you should aim to create a post, every once a while, showing and highlighting the benefits of joining the list. You can give them a sneak-peek of insider previews, special promotions, and even unique content. This will also act as a brake to the streak of content you keep posting.

Direct them to your special landing page

Gradually, you should aim to take them off Instagram and drive them to your end goal, (sales, of course!) even if it just for a while. The trick to this is the “link in bio”.

If you want your followers to sign up for your email list, your Insta profile must be optimized with a link to guide them to the required destination. Understand that a special landing page isn’t your website. It is a special web page you will create, for a cohesive experience of your business, product or even app. This page will serve your purpose of getting people to your subscriber list.

Remember, since Instagram is all about the play of the eyes, your page too should be visually pleasing to the audience. They must not wonder why they are on your page, rather explore it. Also, since most people use Instagram on their mobiles, make sure your page is not too heavy and mobile-friendly. While pop-up boxes are quite famous, I don’t encourage them. Practically, no one wants their screen blocked.

Give them a reason to click on the link

You have an amazing landing page but your audience will not know that until they click the link and most importantly, leave the app. So, how will your audience know about your page? Why will they leave Instagram where there is so much to explore? When people are on Instagram, they aren’t there just for you, but a million other people, things and reasons.

Thus, you need to create a reason that will compel your audience to click on the link. Sometimes, a simple free discovery call or sample of your product will do the trick. Other times, you will have to strategize well with free resources like e-books, checklists, whitepapers or any other kind of content that will prove to be valuable to your audience. This not only brings enough likes and comments on your IG profile but will give you some valuable prospects as well.

Don’t go about making unrealistic promises because it will only increase the expectation of your audience and you certainly don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t want to do anything that will hit your reputation in the long run.

Wrapping up!

You will find that going the traditional way will leave you half-way on Instagram. You have to be creative and innovative with your ideas to reach the final destination. Your audience expects something from you, you must stand by that. This is exactly when they will identify your loyalty and subscribe to your list.

In the beginning, they might be unsure of what you are offering, but with time, when the content surpasses their expectations, they will naturally be driven towards the purchase stage.

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