How to Download WhatsApp Video Status

WhatsApp introduced the new status feature in the year 2015. With the help of this feature, it gets easier to share images, videos as your story for 24 hours. Before this feature was introduced to us, WhatsApp only had a text status option. With this option, people could write their bio, but the status option was different from what it is now. Making things much easier for people, WhatsApp has introduced many features that excites people to use the app more and for the ones who are not on the app yet, these same features give them a reason to download it. In today’s article, we’ll present to you all the needed information about the networking app and efficiently and smooth its functioning are with its features.

How to Download WhatsApp Video Status? Step by Step

The app is old, but with its features and specification, it seems just so new. Introducing the same features to you in today’s article so you get an understanding of how the Social Networking App is best used amongst every other social networking apps in today’s time. WhatsApp is not just an app where you can only share messages or videos or pictures. All these streams have now become way too old and almost every second app can do it. What makes WhatsApp a very happening social networking app is its ‘Video Status.’ You can now post pictures, videos or just turn your videos into short GIFs if it’s too long. We see every age group individual using this app to send their loved ones loved messages ‘through WhatsApp Video Status.’

How Different is this Feature from Sending Videos?

Well, it gives you options to even write about the video you’re sending. Or just share any inspirational set of a paragraph. It is not just about sending or sharing videos, it is more about preparing your videos the right way so every contact can see it. The feature also lets you select who can view your status or who you can hide it from. It also shows you the names from your contact who have viewed your status.


The very famous social networking site was founded in the year 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They were the former employees of Yahoo!. After their departure from Yahoo! which was in September 2007, they got free with all of their work and went to get themselves drained off in South America. They also tried their luck on Facebook but they were rejected. In the year 2009, in the month of January, after purchasing an iPhone and realizing the potential of the app in the world of technology and the App Store, Koum and Acton worked together visiting with the help of Koum’s friend Alex Fishman in West San Jose, they sat together and discussed about the new type of messaging app that would show status next to the individual names of the people.

But, to take the idea further, they had to take the help of an iPhone developer. Fishman visited and found a Russian developer ‘Igor Solomennikov’. He introduced Igor to Koum. After all the research and work, Koum named the app like WhatsApp that sounded much like “What’s Up”.

In the year 2009 on 24th February, Koum incorporated WhatsApp Inc. In California, during the early versions of the app getting crashed, Koum considered giving up the whole idea and started looking for another job. During this process, Acton encouraged him to wait patiently for a few more months. In the year 2009, during the month of June, Apple launched Push Notification. This feature allowed users to be pinged when they were not using their app. This struck Koum into changing WhatsApp so that the user’s status is changed and everyone in the user’s network would be notified. Gradually this feature also changed and made things quite easier for every user. Especially the ones who did not want to show them “Available.”

WhatsApp has grown from a really small shell to a great evolving hurricane. It involved the interest of many users in using the app more than any other social networking app. Wondering how this app started its roll-up amongst old and young? The app with its functioning got all its interest, because of the way the features and its specifications were introduced to all. In today’s article, we shall talk about how the WhatsApp Video Status was introduced. Along with the introduction of this feature, the use and other important exciting features of the app will also be discussed.

So What Exactly Is WhatsApp Status?

It is a status update that disappears after 24 hours once you upload it. You can easily add photos, videos, text, links, and GIFS as your status. It is no rocket science but making it simpler for your understanding, it is exactly how it is when you use or have used Instagram stories. WhatsApp status is just the same kind of thing, but it is only activated between two users who have each other’s contact details saved in their respective address books. If the number of the person viewing or putting a status is not saved. You won’t be able to see or show your status to them.

The famous social networking app, WhatsApp is being used by over 1 billion people across the world. Everyone shares their life’s moments as their story or status with their loved ones and friends to share the same amount of gathering with each other. With the help of the new WhatsApp video status feature, it has made things very easier and fun for people to share their birthday videos, funny videos, inspirational or just something to be aware their loved ones about.

Talking about the first release of WhatsApp, it was released in the year 2009 and status was one of the most intriguing features ever invented. People didn’t continue using the old Available or Busy. Users could put any text in the field that showed up exactly next to their name. Gradually WhatsApp status quickly became the preferred way to help people know about what was going on in their life. In the year 2017, WhatsApp revamped the status feature completely. It is much more similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram Stories now.

How Do You Use This Feature?

WhatsApp is rolling out a very new status feature to every user. Not just the old text status feature, that lets people know whether or not your busy or available for a chat. The new status feature allows you to easily make use of photos, texts, emojis and sketches that show exactly what you are doing. It does sound quite similar because it is a lookalike of Snapchat, but unlike this app, WhatsApp can protect your status updates with end-to-end encryption. The social networking site can be helpful by hiding your status from people you want to hide it from or also with its other feature gives access to your status to people you would want to view it.

Here is what you really need to know

When your account gets complete access to your status, you would not have to download or even install an app update from your App Store or your Play Store. It will all just show up. You will also have an understanding of having access to status on iOS when your contact tab gets replaced with that of a camera icon. The far-left tab reads as “Status”. For android users, they will get to see a new camera icon to the left of the chat tab, next to a new status tab.

Who can see your WhatsApp Video status?

WhatsApp includes a privacy setting that gives you complete control over who sees your status or rather who can see it. by default, it is already selected for your contacts to view your status. But you need not worry, the privacy setting lets you change the default setting. The following given step will help you with an understanding.

Tap on Privacy, with the status tab selected on your iPhone. For Android users, tap the menu button > status privacy. You’re further given three options, which are:

My contacts

It allows all of your WhatsApp contacts to easily view your status.

My contacts except

Select the people you do not want to show your status to. This will also help in sharing your status with the rest of your contact list.

Only share with

Select only those contacts who you would want to show your status to.

If in case you would want to change your privacy settings after uploading a status, you need to keep in mind about the new setting that will only impact future updates. Having access to your friend’s status is a lot like Snapchat. If you have already used snapchat stories or even Instagram stories, then you will way too comfortable when it comes to WhatsApp status. Given below are the basis:

If you want to view a status that is uploaded by your contact, open the status tab. A list of your contacts who have shared their status will fill in.

Touch the screen to pause a status. This helps in giving you more time than usual to view the status. If you want to skip it, simply tap through the status or just swipe left to go to the next contact’s status.

Swipe right up to status, so you can reply to a status that you are currently viewing.

Updating Your Status

WhatsApp status includes all the familiar features of Snapchat and Instagram stories. Stickers, text, captions, drawings and other stuff. Here is how you can update your status:

To add a video to your WhatsApp status

Open your WhatsApp and tap the camera button. Take a video or pick any from your camera roll.

You can even write or place any emojis in the caption area. This caption area is shown on the bottom of the photo or the video as your contacts watch it.

Finally, tap the paper airplane icon. With this, you can either send your status directly to your friends or as a video within a conversation thread. You can also tap on My Status at the top of the list to update your status.

Your videos can go longer than 10 seconds. Instead of limiting your video status updates to just 10 seconds, your videos that are recorded and shared as your status can be as long as for 45 seconds. You can also upload GIFs. In 2017, with the support of animated images, or GIFs, in one app is such a requirement. WhatsApp status will accept GIFs you have saved to your camera roll or photos app. You simply need to select a GIF, trim it all the way down if you need to and share the rest just as you would do to a regular, boring video.

Your updated status will remain active for 24 hours, after which it will automatically get removed or in other words, will disappear. But, there is no way you can save status on your phone. Whatever is been captured and created in WhatsApp is limited to the app itself.

Who Is Viewing Your Status?

Just above your video status, there is a view counter created for you. It shows you exactly how many people have watched or looked at your status. You can easily swipe up on the screen to see a list of contact names who have viewed your status.

You Can Get Away With Screenshots

Snapchat had the feature, where if anyone taking a screenshot of your status would notify you. With WhatsApp, it does not have any sort of alert. In simple words, Be very careful as to what you share with your contacts. Do not be in the assumption that if it disappears from your status, it can get things very ugly for you.

How To Reply To Whatsapp Status?

When you get through your WhatsApp status, just swipe up to reply. You can also send a text message as a reply or use the camera icon to reply with a picture or a video. If it is another contact’s status you simply need to click on the status and reply to it by sending whatever text is needed to be sent.

How Do You Annotate WhatsApp Status?

After all the technical parts of the networking app, it is now time to add in some exciting fun with the status. The only and the best way to do is with your emotions filled ‘Emojis’. Once you have selected your desired photos, and just before you hit the send button, you will notice a selection of editing options. You simply will have to tap on the pencil icon so it can enable you to doodle on the selected image with any color of your choice. The emoji will further let you add emojis from a vast list from crying emoji to a straight face. The emoji list has too many emotions than a person showing in real life. Further, the text option will let you enter floating text over your photo or your video. The only way that fits best for you is to add in text to status is by making use of the caption feature. Simply tap on the ‘Add A Caption’ text box to enter the text you desire. Once it is all done and you are satisfied with your status, just tap on the send button and there you go.

How To Post Links and Texts?

Just in the status section, you will notice two icons. The first one is a camera icon, while the second is a pencil icon. You simply need to tap on the pencil icon. This icon enables you to share a text update with your contacts or whomsoever you would want to share it with. You can directly just start with typing a status update, or another option is to simply copy something you need and paste in the selected text. Tap on the T icon at the very top to change the font. Later, tap on the paint palette icon so you can easily change your background color, to anything you prefer. You can even paste in a link in the section, which will further show up as a tappable target.

How Do You Hide WhatsApp Status From Certain People?

When WhatsApp was introduced, we only saw youngsters hyped with the app. Sharing pictures, texts and updating status was so cool. Eventually, the app started taking its form to every individual. Big and small, making things really difficult for youngsters to have things hidden from their family. Thanks to the privacy option, you can either hide your status easily from people you do not want to share it with or also, another option is to share your updates with people you want to share it with.

For Android Users

Simply, tap on the menu button and select status privacy.

For iPhone Users

Tap on the privacy button from the top-right of the status screen.

If you wish to remove a couple of contacts from viewing your status, just tap on the ‘My Contacts Except Option’ and select the contacts. If you wish to share your status with a few friends just tap on the ‘Only Share With Option’, and add the selected contacts.

How To Mute Certain WhatsApp Status?

More than 500 contacts, with that more than one video status updated by all. With that, you keep getting that notification and it annoys you to death to see more coming. You probably do not want to see what your maid is posting on her status. So what do you do? WhatsApp has a feature for that as well. The ‘Mute Feature’. This feature lets you hide all your contact’s status update from the status section.

For Android Users

Simply, tap and hold on the contact’s name from the status section and select mute.

For iPhone Users

Swipe right on the contact’s name and simply tap on Mute.

To unmute the status, simply follow the same process again.

How Do You Delete A WhatsApp Status?

It has happened more than once with us all. You post something really funny, you see no views and you have the need to just delete the status. Or in the worst-case scenario. You post something that was not supposed to be shown to all, and you panic into thinking how do I delete it? WhatsApp is going to save your life yet again. You can easily delete a status that you do not want to post or have posted by mistake.

For Android Users

Simply, go to ‘My Status’ section and tap and hold status. After this step, tap on the ‘Trash Button’ and select ‘Delete’.

For iPhone Users

Simply, tap on ‘My Status’. After this step tap on ‘My Status’ and swipe left on your status to see the ‘Delete Button’.

How Do You Post Longer Videos For Your WhatsApp Status?

Need to share an important video that is longer than 30 seconds? Do not fret! With this article, we shall make things quite easy for you. We will show you several ways as to how you can easily post a video that is longer than 30 seconds. We will show you three different ways as to how you can post your desired long-length videos.

Cut the longer video into a section of 30 seconds clips. You can do it manually by just cutting through the option given to you on WhatsApp or just get it done through another third party app. Post one on the first status and the other 30-second clip for the second status and so on.

If precisely cutting the video into different sections is pretty long than usual, You can make use of the WhatsCur Pro+. Easily available in the Play store. This app helps you easily cut longer videos into smaller 30-seconds clips. What it really does is, simply automate the process and saves your time.

The easiest step, convert your video into a GIF.

The limit shown for the 30 seconds clip applies only to videos. It does not apply to pictures and GIFs. You will most of the GIFs on the internet that will be less than 30 seconds in length. They are all videos that have been converted into several pictures. You can easily convert a lengthy video into a GIF in one single file.

How Do You Save WhatsApp Status?

There are two different ways to save the WhatsApp statuses easily. The first known way is to make use of a dedicated app. But in case, you wish to save the image statuses, you can follow the manual way. Given below is a detailed explanation:

To Save Status Files Manually (File Manager)

WhatsApp saves all your status files locally on the phone, but these files are erased after 24 hours. What can you do to avoid this? Simply copy them all to a temporary folder and save it to a safe location. Given below is the step, but before that, remember that for al this you will need a file manager app to perform this. Simply find it by looking for an app named ‘Files’ or ‘File Manager.’

  • View the status where you would want to save the file. This will make a temporary copy of the same on the phone’s storage.
  • Later open your file manager app.
  • Enable ‘Show Hidden Files’.
  • Open the settings of your file manager and set the same to show the hidden files.
  • Navigate it to the WhatsApp folder. Internal storage- WhatsApp-Media-Statuses.
  • Copy all the photos/ videos that you would want to save.
  • Paste it into a different folder.

How Do You Save Status Files Using A Status Video Download Or A Dedicated App or Website 

You can let go of the complexity and rely on the 3rd party app or Website so you can save your contacts WhatsApp Status. The app will automatically collect the statuses which you have seen and show them all in a proper format.

– Open the app and view the status that needs to be downloaded or save

– Open your play store on your Android and install the status saver. You can also download it from other sources like Download Whatsapp Status Website and Here you can find the latest and best Video Collection of Whatsapp Status for Download. This is a Genuine and Reliable Site for WhatsApp Video Status from here you can Download Video for your WhatsApp Status for free.

Allow the app to get full access to your photos, media, and files on your device. By doing this the app will be able to read the storage to collect WhatsApp Status images.

Select the image or the video that you wish to save and tap on the save icon ()

The images or videos selected to save will be stored in the internal storage of your phone.

And, that is all about the whole process for saving your friend’s WhatsApp status. Remember, all of your saved statuses will be accessible from within the app. If you want to know about the access to the folder directly, simply open the File Manager App and browse to internal storage and click on Status Saver.

What can WhatsApp Status Really Do?

Sending all those outdated images and videos is so not cool. Why would you wish to do that when all you could do is set a status for every contact to see by just clicking on your status? WhatsApp messages let you do this, but the status lets you make it look even more fancy with all the options given for images, audios, etc. The messages are all end-to-end encrypted which means it cannot cause any harm to your work or personal life.

How is the app so very different from the other networking apps?

Your status updates, documents or messages, that also include photos, videos, calls, voice messages can get into the wrong hands. With WhatsApp’s features and the end-to-end encryption, things are safer and only in your hands. Unlike other apps, where people can easily take your personal info out, WhatsApp makes sure everything you share or save it safely.

What All Can I Do With WhatsApp Status?

You can easily add in emojis, text and freehand drawings just like an ordinary message.


  • With the help of your image or video open, you will see an emoji button right on top of your screen. Simply tap on it and you will see your emoji option.
  • Pick the one you like and drag it over to where you wish it to be on your image or on your video. You can change the size and even rotate it by pinching or turning it.


  • Tap on the T button at the very top of your screen.
  • Type your text in the text field. Color changing of your text with the help of moving your sliding along with the color selector on the right side of your screen.
  • Change your font easily by tapping on the color selector on the right side of your screen. Drag your finger to the left side to scroll all the way through the option. Stop at the one you like to select it.
  • Freehand Drawing and Writing
  • Tap on the pencil icon provided to you.
  • Drag your finger all the way up or down towards the color selector to find the color you desire to draw the content with.
  • Make use of your fingertips like a pencil.

WhatsApp the most known and used app appears to have started getting out the anticipated feature to let every user share all of their status updates to their Facebook stories as well. It was initially said to be kept on testing and was not really visible to every user, but the emerging feature to let every user share their WhatsApp status to their Facebook stories has now been making its way to the social networking app.

The very first gadget to spot the new feature was the Gadgets 360. It spotted the apps latest version for Android and iPhone and also as an early stable and beta version of Android. With further research and study, it was said that an updated FAQ page had a detailing and latest addition that had also been released on the WhatsApp website. It had its hinting towards its debut for every user in the latter days.

If you want to share your status updates to your Facebook stories, you simply need to share to Facebook story button just under the status tab that appears on WhatsApp, after this step you can easily create an update.

One of the statements that stated about a WhatsApp spokesperson that had confirmed the fresh rollout and assured that information of the account that it won’t be shared through the new feature. The end-to-end encryption will not applicable. Get your hands on this new app and Download WhatsApp Video Status today and introduced its specification to your family and your friends