How To Choose the Perfect Rouge Lipstick for You

You can never go wrong with classic red lipstick. The bold lipstick has been used by everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna. It’s a quick and easy way to look sleek and put together at one time. All you have to do is smooth your hair back for different hairstyles and smear on a little rouge. But seeing the plethora of red lipsticks available today might be a little frightening. Little did you know that the secret to getting the perfect red lip has nothing to do with the lips. Finding a shade that compliments your skin tone and undertones is the most crucial factor in choosing the right red lipstick. Worry less because we’ve got your back in figuring out which rouge lipstick is right for you.

How To Choose the Perfect Rouge Lipstick for You

Find Out Your Skin’s Undertone

Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula for choosing the perfect lipstick shade. However, there are a few tricks that can help you figure out your skin’s undertone and consequently save you time when purchasing online. Remember that you can have a fair, medium, or dark complexion and that there is a layer beneath your skin that has its own tone. It can be cool, neutral, or warm. First of all, examine your wrist, particularly your veins. What colour are they, exactly? You have a cool undertone if your veins are purple-bluish. You have a neutral undertone if they are more blue-greenish. If they’re quite green, you’ve got a warm undertone. What if your wrist veins are a mixture of green, purple, and blue? Then that’s a sign that you have a neutral undertone.

The next test is a little more subjective, but it can help if the vein test didn’t give you a definitive answer. The second way to find your skin’s undertone is by seeing whether your skin burns or tans in the sun. You’re more likely to be a warm undertone if you tan rather than burn. You have a cool undertone if your skin turns reddish after some time. Those who sway in both directions could be considered neutral. You might not get a clear result from just one of these tests, so take them all and see if there’s a pattern. Once you’ve figured out your undertone, you can begin searching for the rouge lipstick that best suits your skin tone as well as other beauty essentials like perfume, blusher and eye shadow palettes.

Fair Skin

Red lipsticks with a blue-pink base are ideal for those with a fair complexion and a cool undertone. These cool-toned red lipsticks will brighten your complexion and enhance your fair skin. Berry tones such as raspberry and cranberry are preferable to complement the pink undertones found in pale, ivory complexion. Plus, these cool-toned lipsticks make your teeth look whiter. However, dark maroon-reds should be avoided because they can give off a ‘goth’ vibe.

For women that have a fair complexion with a neutral or warm undertone, opt for a blazing red lipstick with warm and orange undertones. Orange-red lipsticks are more akin to a classic, true-red shade, and they bring out your natural glow. Shades from Chanel, Maybelline, and Tom Ford’s collections are among the best available. Because orange-red lipsticks are so brilliant and vibrant, it’s necessary to keep the rest of your makeup simple and modest to achieve this look.

Medium Skin

Medium-skinned ladies are fortunate in that they can wear a variety of shades. On women with olive or medium complexion tones with a cool undertone, a cool-toned red lipstick looks stunning. Additionally, brighter red lipsticks look fantastic on them. Despite all of the blushing and contouring, it will not overpower your face. If you truly want to stand out, go for a bolder red lipstick with blue or pink undertones.

Aside from that, medium skin tones and warm undertones women also have one of the easiest skin tones and undertone combinations to select a red lipstick for. With options from Charlotte Tilbury, Gucci, or NARS Cosmetics, anything from a bright orange-red lipstick to a sensual oxblood colour will flatter their complexion. Warm and true reds will bring out your natural brilliance, while cool-toned reds will lend a touch of playfulness and glitter to your look.

Dark Skin

Red lipsticks don’t always show up as red on darker lips, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a woman of colour wearing classic red lipstick. Lipsticks that give you that true red look is usually a little darker. Dark red lipsticks that trend more towards maroon and with a blue base, in particular, will create a high impact colour. Wine-reds and chocolate brown-reds are an excellent choice too. Lipsticks with a white foundation should be avoided because they may seem ashy or chalky on your lips.

Ladies with dark skin tones and warm undertones will look beautiful in orange-based and blue-based reds, but not in pink-based reds. At the same time, play around with deep and ultra-rich reds without looking too overpowering. It’s also worth experimenting with dark orange-red lipstick. To make your red lipstick stand out, use a lip liner that is a shade darker than the lipstick colour. Don’t be scared to try something new and get yours from MAC, Fenty Beauty, or Pat McGrath.

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