How to Choose Best Gaming Headset for yourself?

Headsets are quite specific accessories that for many reasons will not appeal to the most demanding music lovers. It is hardly surprising, the vast majority of advanced headsets are dedicated primarily to players. The combination of headphones with a microphone is above all their convenience because not every player wants to use a separate microphone, which often takes up additional space on the desk. However, not all headsets are noteworthy.

Choosing the best gaming headset under 100 for yourself is also not made easy by the fact that there are many of them on the market. What’s more, checking them all is not only time-consuming, but often impossible, and all because stationery stores do not have many of them. So if you are looking for the best gaming headset under 100, then you will pay attention to the models we propose. Many of them have been tested in our laboratory. A good example of this can be material about the best headsets for 350-650 zlotys, which appeared in our portal some time ago. That is why we know well which ones are worth recommending and which are not worth the hard-earned money.

How to Choose Best Gaming Headset for yourself?

When choosing the best model for yourself, it’s worth remembering a few iron rules. We are well aware of the fact that for many people buying a set, price is important. Not every player wants to spend hundreds of zlotys on a first-class headset. Specifying a specific amount is important, but if you do not want to buy only the cheapest set, it is good to focus on the key elements that make the set can be called good. Belong to them:


It is worth remembering that even a perfect sound will not give us anything if the purchased set does not lie well on the head and offer at least good comfort of use. It is extremely important for players. A comfortable set can allow you to play several times without having to take breaks. When choosing the right headset, pay attention to the weight of the headset, shells (their shape, size, material from which they were made), as well as the headband (it should not press the head too much). These are the three most important aspects of the set, which without a doubt affect the ultimate comfort of use.

Design type

Sound is the second most important aspect of a good headset. However, you cannot determine the sound of the set without first checking it. The sound of the device, however, is associated with another element of headphones, namely the type of construction (we list three types of construction: open, semi-open, closed). Most headphones for players are closed models (they offer the best level of isolation from ambient sounds at the expense of ear ventilation). Open models can also be found on the market (they offer the best space and ventilation at the expense of insulation). The construction of the headphones will provide us with a lot of certain information about their sound. So remember to pay special attention to this.

Extras (program and extra-program) – The headset for players is also functional extras. Before buying, it is worth paying attention to whether the headset we buy supports additional software, and even extras such as a replacement pair of earpads, USB sound cards, and even adapters to connect the headset to a smartphone. Not all of these elements are worth the extra hard-earned money. Some, however, turn out to be extremely functional.

Virtual surround sound

Surround sound is a slogan we often encounter in player headsets. What makes it stand out in practice? In the vast majority of cases, this is nothing more than a software function that simulates the sound of a real multi-channel set. In most cases, this is a marketing slogan that is only intended to encourage you to buy the selected model. For this reason, this supplement should not be a priority for us. The more that good-quality classic stereo headphones will often provide much better, because precise and extremely spacious, a sound that will allow comfortable fun in many genres of games.


Another important element of the headset. Although the vast majority of models available on the market cannot boast of a good quality microphone, there are also ones that will allow for communication at a very high level. When buying a headset, it is worth choosing the one that will work best in this application.

Type of headphone connector

This is an element that is worth paying attention to. Why? Because it is thanks to him that we will be able to connect the headset to any device. It is worth remembering that when choosing a model with a USB connector, we may not be able to connect it, for example, to a smartphone. So pay attention to the add-ons (adapters) that allow you to connect it to many devices. You have to remember that the more universal the set, the better.

When choosing the best headset for players, many are also wondering about the differences between them and classic headphones. Although some of them can be seen at first glance (sets for players have a slightly different look, several extras), it is the microphone that is the element that distinguishes classic headphones from sets for players. The built-in microphone is a very convenient solution for players (allows you to have a conversation right after connecting the headphones to the computer, without cluttering the desk with additional equipment).

Classic headphones will not prove to be worse. What’s more, they are often cheaper, much more inverse and in games, they will do just as well (and often better) than headsets. Everything depends on your preferences. If you have a good quality microphone, buying classic headphones is a reasonable option. However, if you value comfort and the quality of the integrated headphone microphones is sufficient for you, choosing the headset is the only right solution.

The above tips will allow you to choose the best headset for you. What’s more, you can purchase the models we recommend using the links below. They will redirect you to the x-com store tested and recommended by us. So if our materials helped you in choosing the best model for you, we would be grateful if you use them when buying.

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