How to Check Your Credit Score in the UK

Maintaining a healthy and transparent financial report plays a significant role in increasing your chances of getting a better credit score. However, keeping such records starts with regularly checking your credit score. The verification of credit score not only prevents further fraudulent transactions but also helps in preparing a strong base for getting a relatively better credit score.

To know how to check credit score in the UK, we first need to understand the procedure of score checking. There is no single universal parameter used to check your credit score, as the different lending firms and independent companies measure your competency differently. The UK has three significant agencies to compile the credit references of all its consumer classes, namely: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

The Scale of Creditworthiness

It is often seen that while trying to understand how to check credit score in the UK, people tend to get confused with the idea of the more you score, the more your credit would increase. In reality, having a good score doesn’t necessarily guarantee high chances. You can be a suitable credit score holder for one agency while the same score may not be enough for the other agencies.

These agencies, as mentioned above, have their separate versions of the same credit score. To know how to check credit score in the UK, you must be aware of the different scale that these reference agencies employ. 

For instance, if a consumer’s credit score is 550, he is likely to be considered a poor scorer by Experian’s scale but an excellent scorer according to Equifax’s range. 

To further help you decide where you stand and to give you a better overview of how to check your credit score in the UK, here is a short list showing the varying score scale of the three credit reference agencies. The scale mentioned below determines your position while keeping your creditworthiness in mind:

Experian: 0-560(Very Poor), 561-720(Poor), 721-880(Fair), 881-960(Good), 961-999(Excellent)

Equifax: 0-278(Very Poor), 279-366(Poor), 367-419(Fair), 420-466(Good), 467-700(Excellent)

TransUnion: 0-550(Very Poor), 551-565(Poor), 566-603(Fair), 604-627(Good), 628-710(Excellent)

Checking Your Creditworthiness

The federal law concerning the financial transaction allows all consumers the right to question these credit reference companies about how to check credit score in the UK. 

Yet, the companies only offer a detailed account of your credit history, loans, mortgages and missed EMIs or interests, and not your original credit score. Moreover, the agencies never give their consumers free access to their financial details. To check your credit score as well as the credit history, you have to request a monthly subscription to one of these three agencies. After getting the subscription, you can avail all the details along with additional features and packages necessary to how to check credit score and credit eligibility checker in the UK.

Checking Your Score through Experian

Experian is by far the most user-friendly credit information agency. It helps its customers find out how to check credit score in the UK.  The company offers a free thirty-day trial to its users to avail its CreditExpert service. This credit expert service, in turn, gives you a brief overview of your credit score and financial report cards via registered emails. After the end of the free trial period, you will have to pay the fixed subscription fee to avail the advanced features.

Apart from using the free CreditExpert services offered by Experian, you can also avail the facilities provided by its CreditMatcher services to increase your creditworthiness. You can compare the shopping offers provided by several shops for better access to the commodities that match your financial profile. After signing in for the first time, you will get lifelong access to your credit score, but you will never get to see the proper credit report and history using this function.

To access both the credit report as well as the facility that shows you how to check credit score in the UK, Experian offers a sign-up facility for Money Saving Expert Credit Club. Using this service, you can also see your chances of getting accepted by the lenders go up, and get better offers for borrowings and loans. However, you will not get alerts and notifications using this service.

Checking Your Score through Equifax

Just like Experian, Equifax offers a thirty-day free trial credit checking facility. After this trial period ends, the subscription needs to be paid to avail the same features. To understand how to check credit score in the UK using Equifax, you can use ClearScore to get a lifetime subscription of the credit score report. 

Equifax makes its profit by channelizing the commission earned using the products, we buy or rent using its preferential credit policies. Its website also offers an array of several deals regarding the buying or lending of different commodities.

Checking Your Score through TransUnion

The Noddle service of TransUnion allows its users to access their credit score. Apart from showing you how to check credit score in the UK, it also helps in correcting your prospects of future loans and improved credit facilities.

Several loans and card granting companies advertise their products and services over Noddle’s portal. In addition to this, another portal called CheckMyFile gives you all the credit history and report options offered by both TransUnion and Equifax for thirty days. After the end of the trial period, you have to pay for the subscription just as you would for the other two agencies.


Apart from the three registered agencies mentioned above, several web portals are offering online checking for your credit score. However, you will still need the official score awarded by any of the three agencies mentioned earlier. These online credit reports give independent credit scores and promise zero personal data theft.

However, such unauthorized sites and portals are usually discouraged for your financial safety. The credit history or card details can be hampered and used by such unauthorized parties for their benefit, and the user inevitably ends up getting affected as a result.