How to Buy TRON?

The founder of the startup is Justin Sun. He is a crypto visionary, known for the successful launch of the Peiwo app and serving as an advisor and chief representative of Ripple Labs in China back in 2016. Forbes twice included him in the top 30 most successful people in Asia under 30.

Sun, of course, is not alone in carrying the heavy burden of Tron on his shoulders. The development and technical support of the project are carried out by the non-profit organization Tron Foundation, registered in Singapore. The startup team has repeatedly emphasized that it doesn’t plan to extract commercial benefits from the project.

How to Buy TRON - This Guide will Surely Help you Out

Traditional mining of the Tron cryptocurrency is impossible. All coins were mined during the ICO, and the algorithm doesn’t provide further emission to pay for miners’ services. The only way to mine TRX is to earn money by selling (renting) content or in accordance with the offer of add-on projects. However, the platform is not yet fully operational. Therefore, the easiest way to get coins is to buy them for USD or any other currency, using different methods.

Where You Can Profitably and Safely Buy TRON online

Consider the listing of good ways to buy TRX with a debit card online in 2022:

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Even though there have been hacks, many buy TRX online on the exchange because it has advantages. First of all, they lie in simplicity and reliability. The buyer will definitely not be deceived here, and the buying/selling rate will be as profitable as possible. For example, many traders buy TRX instantly on the Switchere platform as it is reliable.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using this option:

  • Carefully check the address of the site you are going to visit. Scammers often make clones with the most similar name.
  • Choose only reliable, well-known, and popular crypto exchanges.
  • No matter how great the temptation to increase assets, don’t get involved in cryptocurrency trading. Without the proper knowledge, you may lose most of your savings.


The easiest way to buy TRON with credit card anonymously is through exchangers. As a rule, such a place provides an opportunity to purchase the most popular digital assets included in the top 20 by capitalization. Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, etc., and the USDT stablecoin are among them. At the same time, you can pay for coins in different ways, such as using a bank card, payment systems, phone number, cash, etc.

Other methods

  • Electronic payment systems. With their help, it is very convenient to buy TRON with debit card on the Internet and withdraw funds to a bank card.
  • P2P platforms. Such platforms are websites where you can buy TRON and sell it. Transactions here are made without intermediaries. If desired, you can start a dialogue with the second party to the transaction in the chat. The platform acts as a guarantor of the execution of transactions on both sides.
  • Telegram bots. Now a lot of services use the Telegram app to work with clients. Some popular exchanges and p2p platforms have made their own bots in the Telegram messenger.
  • Payment terminals can be found in almost every store. Some are designed specifically for buying cryptocurrency. They are called cryptomats or ATMs. These are often yellow terminals, and the Bitcoin emblem is drawn on their body.
  • Personal meeting. There is another purchase option — to find the contacts of the cryptocurrency owner on thematic forums who will want to sell it. Here, of course, you will have to act at your own risk.

Do you know what the course of any cryptocurrency depends on to a greater extent? It depends on popularity, which gives rise to increased demand. The TRON cryptocurrency, like the project itself, is developing rapidly. The company is officially registered in Singapore as a non-profit organization. It means that no one can influence its activities. Most partners and investors are concentrated in China, specialists from Asian countries are working on finalizing the project. Plus, TRON focuses on entertainment content.

Expert opinions differ on how much TRX will rise in price. According to most forecasts, TRON will increase by 10 times in price.

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