How Flipkart is Providing Better Payment Options

Flipkart is arguably the largest online store in India. As a fast-growing e-commerce site, Flipkart is interested in providing the best online shopping experience for shoppers visiting their website. 

The goal of anyone visiting an online mall is to go through the list of available products that might suit one’s needs, and in the end, buy something that offers quality for its price. 

Be that as it may, many of us end up window shopping on online stores, not because we are not interested in getting the products for ourselves. Neither is it that we like wasting our time surfing through pages of the product description, but majorly because there is no money.

Many times, we make months of preparations, planning, and budgeting before buying products that are of use to us. Now, I’m not saying that’s not a good practice, but then, most times, when we finally gather enough funds, it’s either the product is no more of utmost priority to us, or it is no longer in vogue. 

This issue of money availability is what Flipkart has looked to get rid of. They have provided brilliant payment alternatives to help buyers ease through shopping online. You don’t need to worry about funds every time you want to buy a product online with the Flipkart pay later payment method.

Making Payments on Flipkart

Conventionally, when we think about buying things online, our mind goes to debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, transfer platforms like Western union, and sometimes Gift cards.

One thing common to most of these methods is that the money you have at hand is crucial in making a purchase, with the sole exception of credit cards. Even gift cards are purchased with cash. This means that all you still have to make proper plans to buy products successfully.

The most widely used payment method is the use of debit cards. This payment option is hinged on the money you have locked away in your bank account. Of course, this option is limited by the amount of money you have in your account.

On the far end of debit card payment, magnificently stands credit card payment. Oh, the joy of paying for goods and services without restraint. When you go on a shopping spree, credit card payment can be likened to a surfboard that helps you glide through the carts without a second thought. 

Of course, the smooth path you plied while shopping on credit card becomes crooked when it’s time to repay. The mirage of being able to get all you want is cleared. Now you have to count the cost of every blind purchase you have made.

I know I’ve painted a scarred picture of the shopping experience you have from time to time. Relax! I’m here with an alternative that avails you with the funds your debit card might fail to offer, and at the same time, keep you in check so as not to spend too much as the case usually is while credit card shopping.

So, let’s talk about a Flipkart pay later innovation; EMI. You must be asking yourself right now, “What in the world is EMI?” Or perhaps you’ve come across it somewhere somehow. It doesn’t matter. I would be talking extensively about what EMI is and how you can benefit from it.

An EMI is a form of the loan facility that allows you to access a limited amount of funds majorly to pay for purchases made. The sweet thing about EMI is the repayment schedule. An EMI loan is shared equally among several months for the ease of repayment, that is why it’s called Equated Monthly Installments.

“Brilliant!” I’d say if you ask me what I think about this Flipkart pay later option. Here is an opportunity to shop the products of your dreams with a financially smart plan.

How Flipkart is Providing Better Payment Options

Flipkart has provided its customers with the best payment options out there, including EMI. The EMI deals available on Flipkart are second to none. Chief of the platforms offering this exclusive Flipkart pay later services is ZestMoney. 

ZestMoney has worked out the best deals you can think for as touching EMI payment with Flipkart. They are, however, not restricted to Flipkart in their collaborations.

So, to enjoy Flipkart pay later services maximally, you have to open a ZestMoney account first. This might sound like one of those long-procedure account creations, but I assure it is as fast as you can imagine. 

Creating a ZestMoney account starts by registering with your mobile number. Then you proceed to fill in your details in the provided KYC form. The information you provide is used to calculate a credit limit. With your credit limit intact, you are ready to go shopping under cover of ZestMoney EMI.

To make use of your ZestMoney EMI as a Flipkart pay later option is easy. After filling your cart with all types of goodies you want for yourself, you are only left with utilizing your credit limit. This means that whatever you are ordering must be under the range of your credit limit if you expect to pay using EMI.

On the checkout page, select “EMI” as your preferred payment option. Then choose “ZestMoney EMI” under the EMI section. This transfers you to the plan selection page where you get to select which duration and a repayment plan that is most convenient for you.


As more e-commerce stores are emerging, online stores are coming up with better deals to outsmart competitors. Flipkart pays later option is one innovation that blows others out of the water. 

EMI shopping on Flipkart provides you with a better payment option, a solution to unintended window shopping. Now you can get all you want at your convenience. Your shopping experience has never been more exciting.