How Do You Become a Certified Microsoft Azure Professional In 2022?

The AZ-104 exam is for Microsoft Azure Certification or Microsoft Azure Administrator certification. This certification is for those who have managed, implemented, and monitored a Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

How Do You Become a Certified Microsoft Azure Professional In 2022?

Why Should You Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam?

Azure Administrator Associate Certification is a Microsoft certification. IT professionals choose to take Microsoft certification tests. The main reason is knowledge of the most modern cloud technologies.

AZ 104 course is a Microsoft-designated test. If you obtain this certification, you will be eligible to become a Microsoft Administrator. In other words, such a person will be in charge of establishing and maintaining a company’s cloud infrastructure.

Compelling Reasons to Obtain Microsoft Azure Certifications

Excellent Probability of Integration

 Microsoft Azure maintains the .Net platforms, often used for development. As a result, using this cloud service will provide you with additional benefits if you are a developer. Furthermore, Azure offers a large user base from whom you may seek collaboration and help, which is the most common tendency among developers and system administrators.


Microsoft has such a stronghold in the personal computer operating system industry, most users will be familiar with it. In addition, the Microsoft Azure learning process runs more quickly than other platforms.

Support .Net

Microsoft Azure accepts .Net coding, one of the oldest software developments. This makes it simpler for programmers to comprehend and practice their capabilities in projects. That is one of the rationales why specific consumers and software companies have selected Microsoft Azure over Amazon AWS.

Providing Security

The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and other excellent tools and security procedures provide greater security. Furthermore, European data protection authorities have authorized the Azure cloud service and have an international standard for Microsoft Cloud certification.


DevOps is a software engineering tendency that brings together software development, operation, and quality assurance. Azure creates connections that enable developers to create safe apps.

Capabilities of a Hybrid

Microsoft Azure has a plethora of hybrid services that allow you to access your data from anywhere in the globe. Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology is used in hybrid connections (VPN). ExpressRoute and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are two technologies that improve user experience and accomplishment.

Platform for Learning

With Microsoft Azure, you don’t have to learn how to use various tools. Instead, Azure includes all commonly used instruments, such as Xcode, Eclipse, Hadoop, GitHub, and others for newcomers to learn. You may also achieve your Microsoft Azure certification and start your career faster with a short learning procedure.

Provider of the Best Cloud Services

Every organization must choose the most exemplary cloud service because it affects most of its essential activities. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure offers 99.9% uptime, implying that you will practically never have any technical difficulties when using this service.

Provision for Enterprise Agreements

The enterprise agreement clause applies to all firms that utilize Microsoft as their primary software for improvement. Due to this offer, all other Microsoft tools and software, including Azure cloud service, are available at lower pricing. This is fantastic news for any company that uses Microsoft products.

Boost Your Salary and Career

You may be a successful developer and earn good pay if you have a Microsoft Azure certification. With many of the world’s leading companies moving to cloud services, the need for such specialists is growing.

Exam Preparation Tips for the AZ-104 Exam

Visit the official AZ-104 website.

For the Microsoft AZ-104 test, you need to go to the Microsoft website and look at the AZ-104 page. There, you’ll discover all the necessary information as well as Microsoft’s preparation alternatives. The exam consists of 40-60 questions answered in 120 minutes.

The Azure certification cost fee for the AZ-104 around is $165. You may choose accessible learning routes, instructor-led courses, and AZ-104 practice exams when it comes to preparing options.

Download the Microsoft AZ-101 Exam Objectives 

Many applicants read through the test objectives superficially. However, all questions are based on what Microsoft has required applicants to study, so you should always read the exam objectives. The objectives for the AZ-104 will also assist you in identifying the critical areas where you should focus your efforts.

Take an online training course. 

You can enroll for online Azure certification training once you’ve figured out what’s in AZ-104. It’s one of the most critical stages to take to network with industry leaders. You may also do self-paced studies with the aid of internet videos, and you won’t have to pay in this instance.


When you’re sure you’ve comprehended all of the test objectives, go through everything you’ve learned. Read over your notes and take as many AZ-104 to practice to ensure you’re completely prepared. All this will make you well-prepared and confident in your ability to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 tests.