Have You Been Sleeping Poorly? Your Mattress might be the Reason

Have you been experiencing poor sleep and body pain of late?  Do you experience body pain even though you are healthy? Then your mattress might be the culprit. Sleeping on a worn-out mattress can disturb your sleep and cause pain in different parts of your body.  If you do not give importance to these issues it can pave the way to a lot of health issues such as back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. A mattress needs to be chosen according to individual preference, some people might prefer a firm mattress and some are comfortable on a medium-firm mattress.  Wakefit offers a wide range of such mattresses which can be a good investment for your health. Below are some mattress guide points which can come handy to you if you want to check if your mattress is the real reason behind your body pain. 

Lifespan Of a Mattress

Most people get used to their mattress so much that they do not want to let go of it.  The lifespan of a mattress is considered between 7 to 10 years. Using the mattress even after its lifespan can definitely cause issues to the body. The mattress might not support the sleeper’s body weight and as a result of it, one can get body pain the next morning. The body would like to rest in its natural alignment, which if not provided by the worn-out mattress and can affect the body adversely.

Ageing Mattress

A mattress that has completed its lifespan tends to sag in the middle where the person’s hip rests. If the mattress is not supporting, then one can get stiffness, sore shoulders, hip pain, etc. Inadequate support to the body can contribute to a person getting Kyphosis or dowagers hump. Only a firm mattress can help in providing you with proper support for your body. So if you have a saggy mattress, it could be the reason for your body pain. 

Notice the Change

You might not get body pain overnight. The pain starts from the back and slowly spreads to the whole body. You might not notice the change until you get a sore body. If you are getting different pains such as shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, etc. once you get up, then the mattress can be the culprit.

The Symptoms of Using a Bad Mattress

You will be able to judge if the mattress needs to be changed if you find the following while using it continuously, just check out for these signs:

  1. Allergies– One can get allergies from a bad mattress, if not properly maintained. Not only dust mites, but allergies can also be caused due to one’s dead skin tissues, mould, pollen, etc.
  2. Joint pain– Back pain is one of the common symptoms that happen to everyone because of the usage of a bad mattress. If not properly treated, it can turn out to be a lifelong illness.
  3. Low sleep quality– Sleeping on a bad mattress can also interrupt your sleep thus providing you low sleep quality.
  4. Bad smell– As the mattress ages, one will be able to identify an odd smell due to long-time usage. 
  5. Sagging– A saggy mattress cannot support the spine and as a result, one develops back pain.

One of the sleeping tips to get a good night’s sleep is to invest in a good mattress. You cannot change a mattress every now and then. One can get good and comfortable sleep only if they have the right pillows and mattresses. If you compromise for a low-priced, low-quality mattress, it can only give you major health issues later in your life.