Happy Teddy Bear Day Wishes, Status, Sayings

Happy Teddy Day Status and Wishes in Hindi & English: Celebrated on February 10, after Rose Day, Propose Day and Chocolate Day it’s a day dedicated to the fluffy friend teddy bears.  At this Teddy Day, in case you are far from your special one or do not have the confidence to tell your partner about your emotions, in that case let’s help you with these beautiful Happy Teddy Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook in English and Hindi to send them and brighten up their day. The celebration of love is not limited to one day any longer. And however we feel love is not really worth celebrating for one day, all these seven days are the best way to tell the one you love that you’ll always be there. And even for anyone, who haven’t still shared their feelings or expressed your love to your crush. Let Teddy Day be the day when you share your emotions to the person you love by greeting them Happy Teddy Day Wishes and Sayings in English. After all, it will melt anyone’s heart? Therefore, on this day, tell your special one, just how they make you smile and make you really feel giddy the same as a teddy by sending them Happy Teddy Day Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend.

Latest Happy Teddy Day Status in Hindi & English

This one is the fourth day of Valentine’s week which is probably the most awaited days specifically for all the girls. If you have been looking out to surprise that special girl in your life. In that case nothing could be a much better gift than a cute and cuddly teddy bear with a lovely Happy Teddy Day Wishes in English and Hindi is the best idea to make the person feel that you care. Also, for those who have not been able to propose to your loved one on propose day than it is the time on teddy day that you can show your feeling hidden inside your heart by sending your special one Happy Teddy Day Sayings and Status for love, GF, BF or Best Friend. This very day could possibly be the moment to confess that special feeling of your heart and propose to your love the depth that your emotions. Valentine’s Day teddy bears are around for much longer as compared to flowers or chocolates and even a special Happy Teddy Day Status for Facebook and Whatsapp in English and Hindi so they are a constant reminder to the one who receives it that the lover adores them. They tell that special one that they want to hug them and care for them and they think about you often.

Best and New Happy Teddy Day Wishes for Someone You Love

Teddies are the cutest gift to be given to your much loved person. They could be cuddled when we miss someone. They could be hit upon when we are upset and also we can cry our hearts out to them. On this day lovers give small and big teddy or just greet with a Happy Teddy Day Sayings in English to their special loved one. If you are finding Latest Teddy Day Status to wish your girlfriend/ boyfriend on this beautiful day then you definitely do not need to go anywhere because here we have a huge collection of New Teddy Day Status and Wishes to Girl or Boy in Hindi and English to help you. On this day, boys gift teddy bears to their girlfriends as they know girls love teddies a lot and they share all their secrets and emotions with teddies. Make your teddy day special by gifting them a cute teddy on this day and round it up with a lovely Best Teddy Day Status in Hindi and English that will express your love to your partners.

Happy Teddy Day Wishes & Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

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Happy Teddy Day Wishes in English

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show, I will always be there this you should know. Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day Wishes for Girlfriend

You’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart Wherever I May Go On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like To Say I Care More Than You Know! “ Happy Teddy Day Sweetheart

Happy Teddy Bear Day Status in Hindi

Unhe Sikayat Hai Humse Ki Hum Unhe Kuch Nhi Dete… Hume T0 Inte0zar Hai Unhe K0i Unm0l T0hfa Dete…!!! Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Bear Day Status for Facebook.

दिल की किताब में गुलाब उनका था, रात की नींद में ख्वाब उनका था, कितना प्यार करते हो जब हमने पूछा, मर जायंगे तुम्हारे बिना ये जबाब उनका था. Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Bear Day Wishes for Boyfriend. 

To be always with you a life with you, I hope, I dream; to be always with you, how wonderful, it does seem. Happy Teddy Day.

Happy Teddy Day Status for Whatsapp 

You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear.”

A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

Happy Teddy Day Status in English

You don’t need WORDS to show that you care for someone. Like Mr. Bean, he barely speaks but, he never leaves his teddy behind.

Happy Teddy Bear Day Wishes in Hindi for Friends

Teri meri dosti ka afsana bhi hai, Is me pyar ka khazana bhi hai, Isliye chate hai apse pyara Teddy Bear mangna, Or Aaj to mangane ka bahana bhi hai Happy Teddy day

Happy Teddy Day Wishes for Bf/ GF

Softness Represent Love and Teddy Represent Softness. I wish you Happy Teddy Day.

Funny Teddy Day Status in Hindi Font.

“Bear तो दोनों को ही पंसन्द थी, फ़र्क़ सिर्फ इतना था,  उसे Teddy BeAr, मुझे Strong Beer पसंद थी |” हैप्पी टेडी डे।

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Teddy Day Whatsapp Status in Hindi Language

धूप मायूस लौट जाती है. . . छत पेँ कपङेँ सुखाने आया करो.

पागल उसने कर दिया, एक बार देखकर. . .मै कुछ भी ना कर सका लगातार देखकर..

Zindagi Khel Nai Hain, isse Mat Khelo Agar Tum Jante Hi Nai Ki isko Jeetna Kaise Hai… Happy Teddy Day To all

Boy: Do you hug your teddy bear while sleeping at night? Girl: Yes! Boy: Can I replace it for the rest of your life? 🙂 Happy Teddy Bear Day!