Happy Promise Day Shayari, SMS, Quotes

Promise Day Shayari, SMS & Quotes in Hindi & English: Prominently celebrated on February 11, Promise Day is considered to be the most important one as it celebrates the very essence of love. There’s a special day for you when you are meant to make promises with your loved one. In the valentine’s week, that day is officially known as promise day. It’s the actual time for you to think over and put yourself with each other to make all of those promises that he/she always asked you for. Are you searching for Happy Promise Day Shayari and SMS in English, Hindi then you are at right place. Promise Day is celebrated every year, it is your window to your partner’s heart, and not only you would get to form a special connection with your beloved and also get to enjoy your romantic relationship in the most beautiful way. So be careful while you choose Happy Promise Day Quotes, Sms, Shayari for Girlfriend and Boyfriend. At times, even a message is a lot more than more than enough to make the other person realize just how special they are to you. If words are strung all together in a beautiful way. This message not just reaches to them in the perfect way but also makes them happy. Here are some wonderful Happy Promise Day Shayari, Sms in Hindi and English you can send or give your partner and celebrate Promise Day!

Happy Promise Day Shayari and SMS for Love

In almost any romantic relationship, trust is one of the things that is most important for the survival of that romantic relationship, and promise day, is celebrated to express love and trust in a loving relationship. Promises are very delicate so when you are making these to someone, be sure you are promising them with all your heart, such as you will stand by your partner, even if the time changes in the future. Thus, these Happy Promise Day Shayari in Hindi and SMS in English listed here for your ease, so that you could select any of them and express them to your beloved and let them know just how much they mean to you leaving behind the Rose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day comes the beautiful Promise Day. This very day is really the most important day of the Valentine Day Week for sure. It tests the love of the person towards you for a long term. You can share it on your Whatsapp or Facebook Happy Promise Day SMS and Quotes for Your Love to show your love to your partner\girlfriend you love them and will stay with them forever.

Best Promise Day Quotes, SMS and Shayari for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

While you are in love, promises signify a lot. Each and every promise that you choose to take – to love for a lifetime , to be faithful forever, to care forever , and to do every single thing in your capability to make your very special happy  all the promises needs to be sacredly taken care of . The promise day is especially for those people, for them have got ignored in hustle bustle of living. They to promise one another their heart and soul, they could do this now by just him\her a beautiful Happy Promise Day SMS, Shayari for Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Love. A real bond stands on promises which are kept well. In case you have something to propose or ensure your special one just simply before Valentine’s Day this promise day could possibly be the perfect chance! We expect much from our partners, so just why not give them something in return. We certainly have some different and perfect Happy Promise Day Shayari, Quotes, SMS for wife, Girlfriend, for special loved one which you could send to make life long promises.

Happy Promise Day Shayari, SMS, Quotes in Hindi & English

Happy Promise Day Shayari, Happy Promise Day SMS in English, Happy Promise Day Quotes in Hindi, Happy Promise Day SMS, Quotes, Shayari, Messages in Hindi and English

Happy Promise Day SMS in English

I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems, I Can Only Promise That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone, Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Shayari for Girlfriend

♤_सुन ‪ Pagli ♤तुझे_ ○ऐसा Pyar करुगा _के, तेरे Hotho ♤ की Lipstick बीगडेंगी, But Promise ♤तेरे आँखो ‪#‎का kAjAL ‎कभी नही ‪ बीगडने ♤Dunga.

Happy Promise Day Quotes in English

I must have been born under a lucky star to find a person as nice as you are I will follow the rainbow to the end, if you promise to be my friend happy Promise Day

Promise Day Sms in Hindi Font for GF

मेरा वादा है ये तुमसे की तुम्हे इतना प्यार दूंगा… की दुनिया में कही भी मोहब्बत के हवाले से… जो बात निकलेगी हमारा नाम जरूर आएगा…!!! HAPPY PROMISE DAY

Happy Promise Day SMS for Boyfriend.

I Want Someone Who Promise Me Nothing But Tries To Give Me Everything. Happy Promise Day.

Happy Promise Day Shayari for Lovers.

Har pal pyar ka irada hai aapse, apnapan hi kuch itna zyada hai aapse. Na sochenge sirf umar bhar k liye, Qayamat tak sath nibhayenge ye wada hai aapse.

Promise Day SMS for Friends in English

Friendship Need No Promises, No Demands And No Expectations. Just Sincerity And Trust! happy Promise Day.

Promise Day Quotes for Facebook & Whatsapp

“Don’t promise me forever, Just love me day by day.”

Sad 2 Line Promise Day Shayari in Hindi

Din Guzar ta tha badi mushkil se, Phir tera woh Saath Rehne ka Waada Yaad Aaajata tha.

Happy Promise Day SMS in English for BF / GF

I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me, For This Is All I Can Do. It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This, You Be The Greatest Of You. Happy Promise Day!!!

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We Are Meant To Be Together And Always Be Near Through The Good Times And Bad One. Happy Promise Day My Love!!

Happy Promise Day Messages Shayari in Hindi

Ho Sake to Tum Apna Ek Wada Nibhane ana” Meri Pyaasi Aankho ko apna Deedar Karwa ke Jaana Badi hasrat thi, tumhare Baahon me Bitaau kuch pal Agar yeh saans tham gayi to meri Laash Se Aakar Lipat Jana.

Apne dil mein tujh bithayege hum, Apni har khushi tujh pe loutayege hum, Kasam se tere sath teri parchai ban ke rahe gaye Or aakhri saans tak tera sath nibayenge hum. Happy Promise Day Dear

Some things you don’t have to promise. You just do!

If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket.