Happy Hug Day Shayari, SMS, Quotes

उड़ते पंछी को ठिकाना मिल गया मोजो को किनारा मिल गया घिरे जब तूफानो मै हम तेरी बाहो का सहारा मिल गया.

मुझे इस क़दर बाहों में भर लो ज़िन्दगी भर के लिए मुझे क़ैद कर लो.

बाहों में सिमट गया था मेरे, उस दिन सारा ‘जग’आज भी याद है मुझे, हमारा पहला वाला ‘Hug’ .

इत्तेफाक से जब वो चूम लेते है मेरे माथे को, दिल चाहता है ये वक्त, ये जिंदगी यही रूक जाये.

I Know You Are Far, I Know We Can’t Touch And Kiss, But On This Special Day Of Hugs, I Want To Love You Again, My Miss.

God Has Gifted Me These Arms, So That I Can Delightfully Hug You And Fill You Up With Charm Happy Hug Day.

I am alone for years, In the wait that someone, Search me, love me and hug me forever. Happy hug day.

Hug Day Is Not How Long You Have Been Together, Not How Much You Have Given Or Receive, Not How Many Times You Have Helped Each Other Its How You Value Each Other.

Alone I’ll be ur shadow. Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder. Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight. Bcoz where ur strength ends, My worth of being ur love begins.

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