Good Morning SMS in Hindi and English

May God Decorate your Life Like, SunRise of the Sun, Fragnance of the Flower, Natural Wind of the Sky, Enjoy your day.

सकारात्मक सोच आपके जिवन को, सही दिशा देती है सही सोचें, सही समझे सही दिशा मे बढें, शुभदिन सुप्रभात!! ??

Morning is a Blossoms of Sunrise, Coated with Pure Air, and Natural Beauty, Enhanced to give us, the Wonderful Life.

Early morning starts, are the best way to get work done, before the chaos and background noise, of the rest of the day takes over.

Everything in the Universe is perfect, and Everyday God Gives Us two gifts, A Sprit to have a Good Life, And a Possibility to, make the Life Best.

Brand New Morning is ready, to March with Smile & Enthusiasm, Let’s Embrace New Ideas, Focus on Growth, Empower the Beliefs, Live the Life You Meant to Live.

Morning is a House of, Natural air,Fresh Breathe, Birds Music,Peaceful thoughts, and your Positive Smile. Good Morning

You are the AntiVirus of my work life, You guard me against malicious attacks, heal me when I break down, and always protect with your unconditional support.

This Good Morning can be said only once in a 4 years, So a Great GOOD MORNING on This February 29, Thoughts of you brighten up my day with Joy and Happiness.

Extra Bonus Morning, Extraordinary Day, Stay Positive, Everything will work out, Look for Extra Opportunity, Extra Joys, Extra Love, Extra Ambitions, Extra Success, in your life Today.

Let wind blow away all your sorrows & Sadness, Let rain wash away all your worries, Let sun bring you warmth & Healthy, Let the new day bring you hope, happiness and energetic.

सूर्य ने अपनी लालिमा फैलाई चारो ओर, गगन में भी हो रहा है पंछीयों का शोर, आलस त्याग ओ मुसाफिर हो गई अब भोर.