Girls Status in English

All girls want is a guy who’s taller than her so she can wrap her arms around his neck when they hug and kiss.

When a girl cries, it’s not usually over one thing. It’s built up anger and emotions that she’s been holding in for too long.

Has decided that I’m really a good girl! I just have bad girl habits!

Girls are not toys.. You can’t just drop them when you get boared.

A girl doesn’t need to tell you how she feels. Its written all over the way she behaves when you are around.

Tell her she’s beautiful, not HOT. she’s a girl not a cup of tea.

Girls use Photoshop to look beautiful.. Boys use photoshop to show their creativity.

If a guy doesn’t get jealous when you’re with other guys, He doesn’t honestly care about you.

Doesn’t need any help being bad but u can come along for the ride if your up for it.

I love being a girl. I love my identity as female, and I would never trade it for the world. Being a girl is truly an amazing thing.

When ever Someone Hurts you, Don’t Cry! Remember It takes 49 Muscles to cry And 12 Muscles to Smile But Only 5 Muscles to give a slap!

I’m the type of girl that puts on her better smile, her better outfit, and better attitude and shows him what he left behind.

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess.

She can be your best friend, Worst enemy or a real sweetheart. It all depends on how you treat her.

I’m not a backup plan, and definitely not a second choice!

I love being a girl because I’m my Daddy’s little girl and that rocks!

Hot guys with muscles and tattoos make me wanna do bad bad things

Says nice girls are made of sugar and spice. This girl she made of vodka and ice

Be yourself because an original is worth more than just a copy.

I’m not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

She likes him, He likes her. Everyone knows, Except them.

With women the heart argues, Not the mind.

Getting ready to go out and can’t decide on what to wear…please help should i wear my halo or my horns???

Wait for the boy who will do anything to be your everything.

I’m really a “good girl” – who just happens to have “bad girl” tendencies!

Women are meant to be loved, Not to be understood.

Every boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him. Every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her.

That awkward moment when your parents ask if you like anyone.

I have been bad ,I think I need to be spanked and sent to my room

Girls with the prettiest smiles, Always seem to tell the saddest stories.